This Centre is composed of three major units namely:

E-learning Unit is an online application where the student and instructor are interacting with each other using an assigned course on a common platform especially Moodle.

On the one hand, students are submitting their assignments, projects and researches and also attending online quizzes. On the other hand, instructors are sharing the instructional materials, assignments, projects, and researches. They are also using chat rooms to interact with the students to make the learning environment more interactive and effective.

The inclusion of instructional design into e-learning shall make the online and face-to-face interaction more interactive and effective by enhancing the skills of instructors.

This Unit shall be composed of E-Learning Facilitator whose IT specialized collaborated with his/her team.


    • The E-learning unit shall assist the course instructors in using online platforms by going for online quizzes, assignments, projects, research submission and grading, course handouts, and relevant course related videos uploading to make the course delivery more interactive and effective. The interaction via a chat box in online platform shall make the students feel supported. Finally, it is the responsibly of this unit to check the effective utilization of e-learning resources in the course delivery and in case of any gap in knowledge sharing, necessary training shall be imparted to the course instructors and students to enhance excellence in teaching and learning.
    • The E-learning unit shall prepare and manage the LMS platform, announce offered courses semester-wise, submit the report of utilization showing the statistics of every course delivered on the LMS platform, eventually measure the effectiveness of utilization for improving and achieving the unit outcomes

This Unit shall be keen in implementing innovative teaching solutions to involve with a generation of learners familiar with gamification, virtual reality, using iPad and try to make the classroom atmosphere broader and more participatory. Currently students live in a world that is constantly linked and alive outside the classroom, so technology is a must in the classroom so that students can learn at their own speed both within and outside the classroom. Eventually their learning upgrades with mentorship and direction of the instructors. This Unit shall make sure that digital revolution at Gulf University is successful through Embracing Digital Transformation. This Unit is responsible for implementing, nurturing common culture and spreading the culture throughout GU. Researching emerging technologies in the teaching and learning area.


    • Digitalize the Education: The teaching and learning has to be digitalized by having tablets, iPad(s), notebooks etc. at the library and classroom. Technology and Digitalization Team shall facilitate transformation of outcomes, communications and inputs to digital media. Course portfolios also shall be digitalized by the team.
    • Embedding Technology in Curriculum and Courses to Enhance Employability Skills: The Unit shall embed the technology in the curriculum and program courses based on course type and level in coordination with course instructors and subject experts.
    • Arrange skills development programs and workshops: The Unit shall arrange various skills developmental programs for the instructors and students to expose to the innovative teaching and learning world in achieving the course and program outcomes.
    • Implementation of innovative teaching and learning techniques: The Unit shall encourage and collaborate with the instructors, research center member and students to apply and spread the innovative teaching methods in the classroom.
    • Feedback: The Unit shall get feedback from the instructors and students and if it is necessary get more exposure. Further training sessions shall be arranged for them.

This unit shall be keen in managing and reviewing the general courses, foundation years, preparatory courses, and the placement test.

    • Advise on the outcomes and development of teaching, learning and assessment policies, procedures, and practices of general courses.
    • Collaborate with HODs to specify the offered courses for every semester and including the equivalent courses of general courses.
    • Prepare and submit the files related to internal and external verification of general courses, further, to specify the external reviewer and submit 25% of the of general courses to be externally moderated.
    • Seeking for international accreditation of a set/group of courses of the unit.
    • Prepare the annual report of general courses, to be reported to the HODs and the supervisor.
    • Responsible for recruitment of the full and part time instructors of the unit, in addition to propose faculty and staff quorum.
    • Propose amendment of unit of study considering new developments in the respective fields of knowledge.
    • Recommend the unit’s need for equipment and other facilities.
    • Advise on unit priorities in academic staff development and student learning support activities.

Center Staff

The following figure shows the organizational structure of TETC: