University Council

The University Council is headed by the president of the university and has the following in its membership:

    • VP Academic
    • Deans of Colleges
    • Director of Research and Community Engagement Directorate
    • Director of Quality Assurance and Development Center
    • Head of Student Services Unit
    • Head of Admission and Registration Unit
    • Representative of Faculty Members
    • Secretary of University Council
    • President of the Student Council


Dr. Mohanad Al-Mashhadani
Dr. Hesham Al-Marsafawy
VP Academic Affairs
Dr. Rumpa Roy
Director QA & Development Center
Dr. Sherif Badran
Dean A&F College
Dr. Osama Al-Rawi
Dean Engineering College
Dr. Tamer Alkadash
Chair University Research Council
Dr. Mohammed Dawwas
Director of Community Engagement Center
Ms. Baraa Al-Samarai
Head Admissions & Registration
Mr. Sudhakar Y.R.N.
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Ahmed Sameer Alalaiwi
President Student Council