University Council

The University Council is headed by the president of the university and has the following in its membership:
    • Professor Mohanad Ismael Alfiras, President of the University
    • Dr. Hesham Mohamed Elmarsafawy, VP Academic Affairs.
    • Dr. Zuhair Al Ani, COO.
    • Dr. Osama Yaseen Alrawi, Dean, College of Engineering.
    • Dr. Sherif Badran, Dean, College of CMT & Acting Dean, College of AFS.
    • Dr. Firas Mohamad, Dean, College of Law.
    • Dr. Rumpa Roy, Director of QADC.
    • Dr. Tamer M. Alkadash, Chair of Research Council, Secretary of University Council.
    • Dr. Mohammed Aldawas, Chair of Community Engagement and Continues learning.
    • Dr. Ashraf Nadheer, Faculty Representative.
    • Baraa Al Samarai, Head of A&R Unit.
    • Mr. Abdulla Imad, Head of Student Services Unit.
    • Mr. Ahmed Sameer, Chair of Students Council.


Prof. Mohanad Alfiras
President of the University
Dr. Hesham Al-Marsafawy
VP Academic Affairs
Dr. Zuhair Alani
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Osama Al-Rawi
Dean, College of Engineering
Dr. Sherif Badran
Dean, College of CMT
Dr. Firas Mohamad
Dean, College of Law
Dr. Rumpa Roy
Director of QADC
Dr. Tamer Alkadash
Chair of Research Council
Dr. Mohammed Dawwas
Chair of CECL
Dr. Ashraf Nadheer
Faculty Representative
Ms. Baraa Al-Samarai
Head of A&R Unit
Mr. Abdulla Imad
Head of Student Services Unit
Mr. Ahmed Sameer Alalaiwi
Chair of Students Council