The Master of Mass Communication program (MMC) is attractive to those who wish to explore the latest developments in media studies, media management, leading media institutions strategies, managing media content, and applying updated skills in the media sector with technology agility. The program equips the students to advanced practices and leadership skills required for mass communication discipline. In addition, this program is designed to build a comprehensive understanding of contemporary media trends, strategies, pursue profession and research with ethics and cultural sensitivity. The program also attracts working professionals in the media sector to enhance their practical skills and create interactive media solutions in digital era.

This program integrates in-depth knowledge with advanced practical skills, helping you apply your learning to real-life scenarios, which will pave the way to be a leader in your workplace.  At the same time, it enables you to enhance and develop critical thinking and other transferable skills through exposure into different types of media, including, video, print, audio, digital, multimedia tools, web technologies, social media, and search engine analytics to connect with target audience. Additionally, you will be introduced to a wide range of extracurricular activities, including field visits, guest speakers, off-campus workshops, educational trips, and students exchange.


    • The (MMC) program is aligned with Bahrain National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 9.
    • This program is under the Mass Communication and Public Relations department, which has “ASJMC” membership and industry partnerships with prestigious media institutions in Bahrain.

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Key Facts

Level: 9 NQF
Duration: 3 Semesters: 42 Credit Hours
Starting: September (2022)
Fees: TBA
Location: Sanad

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(+973) 1762 0092


Building 1964, Road 4363، Sanad 743, Kingdom of Bahrain

Graduate Attributes

Graduates of the program have several attributes such as :

    • Knowledgeable: Graduates possess in-depth knowledge in media and communication studies.
    • Competent media professional: Graduates have the ability to create powerful and effective communication messages in the profession.
    • Effective communicator: Graduates possess effective written and oral communication skills suitable for career and research.
    • Critical and reflective thinker: Graduates demonstrate the ability to think analytically about media practices and problems to reflect in deriving creative solutions
    • Digitally fluent: Graduates possess the required digital skill to lead and manage projects in the strategic media field.
    • Committed to ethics, regulations, and culture: Graduates are committed to the ethics, legislation, and culture of the communities.
    • Lifelong learner: Graduates have the ability to learn lifelong and to transfer their experiences to others.

Program Content

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    • The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in the same academic specialization or equivalent from a university recognized by the Higher Education Council in The Kingdom of Bahrain and a specialty qualifying for study in the program, with a CGPA not less than (2.67) out of (4.0) according to points system or the equivalent of other assessment systems (3.34 of 5.0, or 77%).
    • The applicant who admits from outside the academic specialization must have at least three years of experience in the media and mass communication field (A certificate must be obtained from the employer confirming this).
    • The applicant who admits from outside the media specialization must study three preparatory courses with nine credit hours to increase the understanding level of media discipline; those hours will not be counted within the credit hours to graduate students from the program.
    • The applicant who admits from outside the media academic specialization, and doesn’t have experience in the media and mass communication field, must study five preparatory courses with 15 credit hours to increase the level of scientific specialization; and Professional experience in all kinds of media production. Those hours will not be counted in the total program hours.
    • The student must complete the study of the preparatory courses no later than the end of the second semester of joining the program; otherwise, the student will receive dismissal from the program.
    • Students can’t start to study the specialized courses of the program without completing the Preparatory courses.
    • In case of failure to pass one of the preparatory courses, the student must re-test one time only.
    • The applicant must have a certificate of English language examination to a specific degree according to the TOEFL “Paper-Based Test” (PBT) 525 and “International English Language Testing System” (IELTS) 6.0 (with a minimum of 6.0 in writing, and 5.5 in all other sub-skills), or first “Cambridge English” (FCE) 60%.
    • The applicant must conduct a personal interview with a committee formed of three members from the media specialization, which measures planning, leadership, and critical thinking skills.
    • The committee reviews the applicant’s papers and recommends one of the following options (approved admission to the program – conditional approval with preparatory courses study – rejection with giving the applicant an opportunity for a year to develop his/ her professional skills – complete rejection of admission because of the inadequate specialization).
    • After the applicant is accepted and registered at the university, the student gets a number in higher education based on his registration.

The Programme is offered over a period of 3 semesters as follows:

First semester

This semester contains five compulsory courses which will introduce you to in-depth knowledge about the latest trends in mass communication discipline and research, with a special focus on applied and statistical analytical skills and ethics. You will also learn about Big Data and its applications in media analytics. In addition, you will learn about the transformations that pushed the media to be cost effective industry governed by the principles of micro and macroeconomics. The program aims to prepare you to be a leader in media industry, you will learn about media strategies and their relation to planning and leadership. Focus will be given to develop understanding of the nature of the interactivity of the audience and its latent Power.

Second semester

In the second semester, you will enrol into 2 core courses and 3 elective courses. For the 2 core courses, you will learn more about entrepreneurship and freelancing in the media field while focusing on restructuring the ways of thinking and dealing with challenges. Furthermore, as digital media becomes an essential part of our daily life, you will learn more about its role in the diverse and convergence of cultures. During this semester, you will be introduced to three tracks of this master programme which are: Public Relations and marketing, audio/ video production, and Online Journalism. Out of 3 electives to be enrolled, you will choose two courses from one track and one course from another track.

Third semester

This semester is exclusively only for contemplating the master’s Thesis in an area of your research interest. It will be under the supervision of one of the faculty specializing in the research field chosen by you. The main objective of this thesis is to improve your professional skills and contributing to the media industry and community.

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    • Television studio
    • Radio studio
    • Photography studio
    • Multimedia lab
    • General and Public Relations lab
    • Mac lab
    • Journalism lab
    • Classrooms
    • Lecture Hall
    • Seminar Room
    • Open Space Lecture Zone 1
    • Open Space Lecture Zone 2
    • Auditorium
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Q1: What is the total number of the program courses?

A1: The following table shows the total number of the program courses.  


Credit Hours


7 Courses

21 Hours

Compulsory Courses

3 Courses

9 Hours

Elective Courses

1 Course

12 Hours

Master’s Thesis

11 Courses

42 hours


Q2: What is the duration of study in the program?

A2: The minimum duration for the master’s program is 3 semesters, and the maximum is three academic years “The semester in which the student studies preparatory courses is not counted within the maximum period for graduation”.

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Careers & Employability

Career Opportunities of the Master in  Mass Communication Graduates include:

    • Academic member in the media fields.
    • Researcher in the various media fields.
    • Communications Consultant in both governmental and private institutions.
    • Leader in managerial positions in various media organizations.

Student Story

Wejdan Salah's Story

“Taking a work placement is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It enabled me to have the opportunity to look thoroughly into the HR industry, to develop an understanding of the structure, behaviour and working norms within an organisation, as well as improving my verbal and written communication skills.

The placement has played a key role in determining what career I would like to pursue, I am now confident as to what I would like to do after graduating. I feel like I now have an advantage on expanding my network in the HR sector. This placement has also had a huge impact on my personal development – a year ago, I was a shy individual whereas now I am more confident and can see the transformation within myself.”

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