Students Rights

Gulf University takes care of students’ rights to:

    • Learn in an educational environment, which contributes to the development of students’ analytical thinking and encourages them to research lifelong learning.
    • Achieve excellent and meaningful education within the approved study plans.
    • Participate in the review and development of courses according to University policies and procedures.
    • Use of supporting facilities (library, IT services, bookshop, e-learning unit, cafeteria, sports, etc.).
    • Good treatment and mutual respect from the academic and administrative staff.
    • Take into account their mental, psychological and physical abilities.
    • Study in a positive and organized learning environment free from intolerance and discrimination.
    • Commitments of Faculty members to lectures’ time, exams and University policies, procedures and regulations.
    • Submit their grievance according to University policies and procedures.
    • Benefit from faculties’ office hours and communication with academic advisors.
    • Express views and respect the ways of thinking and methods of expression.
    • Participate actively in elections and activities of the Student Council.
    • Access the Career Guidance and Counseling services.

Students Responsibilities

Students’ Responsibilities are:

    • Awareness of, and complying with the University’s policies, procedures and regulations.
    • Adhering to regular study, attending lectures on time as per the schedule and comply with examinations rules.
    • Adhering to students’ code of conduct and respecting academic and administrative staff.
    • Preserving the University property, infrastructure and facilities.
    • Maintaining calmness, and complying with non-smoking rules at the University campus and building.
    • Representing the University in a good manner, not insulting, harassing or intimidating anyone verbally or through act.
    • Showing loyalty to the University and the Kingdom of Bahrain.
    • Ensuring proper appearance at the University, which is consistent with the sanctity of the campus.
    • Showing the willingness to collaborate and act as a team.
    • Reflecting academic integrity and ethics through behavior and work during the tenure.

Students Grievance

GU ensures that students enjoy a safe and fair environment with all amenities within the University. The Students Grievance Procedures document details principles to accomplish honesty, respect, trust and fairness amongst students and staff at the University. The document is concerned with the following:

    • Students’ complaints related to University’s services provided for them.
    • Students’ complaints of arbitrary and ill-treated by member of academic and/or administrative staff.
    • Decisions issued by one of the University Departments or Councils (except the University Council).
    • Substantive decisions made in complaints from students.
    • Students can contact the Grievance Committee through the Unit of Student Services or at the email:

Mobile Phones Regulations

Although mobile phones are the most common and important means of communication for students, their use is restricted to academic activity only during face to face and online classes. Mobile phones are required to keep in silent mode in the library as well as during meetings and extracurricular activities. Most important, mobile phones are not allowed inside examination venues. Non-compliance to this regulation shall lead to disciplinary decisions.