Academic Partners

Gulf University aims to expand and collaborate with local, regional and international universities in order to transfer up-to-date knowledge and best practices in education and research underpinned by the Strategic Theme ‘Market Positioning by Innovation and Industrialization’. The partnership with regional and international universities exposes our students and staff to participate in collaborative activities, events, projects, international conference, forum, symposium. Academic partnership also focuses on launching franchised and dual degree programs to empower Bahraini and GCC students to join the profession.

University of Northampton

Gulf University has partnership agreement with the prestigious University of Northampton, UK to offer franchised degree programs, conduct joint research, facilitate student and staff exchange, and participate in collaborative events and activities. There is opportunity to exchange experience in community engagement, innovation, developing social enterprise, commitment towards Sustainable Development Goals and so on.

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Ajman University

Gulf University has collaboration with Ajman University, United Arab Emirates to share best practices in education, research, community engagement through formal benchmarking; facilitate joint research, organize curricular and co-curricular activities; and conduct staff and student exchange programs.

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Macromedia University

Gulf University has signed partnership agreement with Macromedia University, Germany with an opportunity to offer joint degree programs through its International Study Centers in various disciplines. The universities look forward to conduct collaborative/team research, design exchange program/summer school for students, organize collaborative activities and events for students and staff, and jointly host conference, forum, and symposium.

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Chechen State Pedagogical University

Gulf University has signed an MOA with Chechen State Pedagogical University to establish strategic partnerships in the realms of scientific and education to create favorable conditions for the exchange of best scientific and educational practices and disseminate best practices that will further strengthen the interaction between universities in the common cause of developing integration ties in the international educational, scientific, and cultural space.

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NPA | National Power Academy | Saudi Arabia

Gulf University has collaborated with the National Power Academy (NPA) in Saudi Arabia to establish a cooperation framework for training and education services that fall under the tailored programs that will be developed and conducted jointly, with cooperation in exchanging expertise and trainers. and continue further education.

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School Partners

Gulf University encourages partnering with schools to leverage the sharing of university resources for education and innovation, empower education and community impact, and facilitate enhanced educational opportunities by providing additional resources, expertise, and preparatory avenues for students entering higher education.

Al Falah Schools

Gulf University has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Al Falah Schools, emphasizing a commitment to fostering a lasting partnership between the two entities. This agreement is geared towards enriching educational prospects for students at Al Falah Schools, cultivating mutual interests in educational advancement, leveraging the sharing of university resources for education and innovation, and empowering education and community impact.

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