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From Market Research, promoting to reflecting the GU Brand

This department is responsible for delivering key messages to local, regional, and
national media outlets, stakeholders and the higher education community through traditional and digital formats while maintaining and fostering relations with key Arabic and English media outlets.

The Public Relations Team Assists the Gulf University By:

    • Builds and Maintains Relationships with the Media: This includes fielding inquiries from the press, connecting reporters with faculty experts and University spokespeople, and managing outreach to media to cover major announcements or events.
    • Providing Strategic and Integrated Communications Plans: Whether announcing a one-time event or promoting an ongoing program or project, the public relations team can assist with developing strategic communications plans that bring together various components of the Office of University Communications services to reach a strategic goal. After identifying the intended audience, our public relations team can help craft a plan that include media outreach, social media promotion, internal communications, and more.
    • Managing social media and Digital Marketing.
    • Design Ads and publishing.
    • Drafting and publishing press releases.

Unit Structure

Unit Staff

Fatema Almajed
Head of Marketing & PR
Marwa Mohammed
Marketing Specialist