The Bachelor in Accounting & Finance program seeks to train students in the scientific and professional fields in accounting and finance to deal with the identification, measurement and delivery of information for decision-making. It has been designed to empower our graduates with the competences and attributes needed for the development of the profession and communities in Bahrain, the region and global with emphasis on technology agility.

The program represents a basis for professional qualifications like ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) with exemption of 9 papers in foundation level certification. Program rationale is derived from national priorities, needs of labor market and feedback from stakeholders.


    • Placed on Bahrain National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 8.
    • Obtained full confidence in Academic Program Review conducted by The Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA).
    • Accredited by international professional bodies such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and ICMA (Institute of Management Accountant).
    • Engaging into relevant ‘real practice in accounting and finance’ tasks that will be experienced during the study.
    • Provide computer lab to support students in applying several software programs in accounting and finance, such as Zoho and Tally.
    • AACSB Membership of the College.
    • Bachelor in Accounting & Finance has partnership with reputed companies in Kingdom of Bahrain such as Huawei, Zain Bahrain, Benefit Company, Ultimate Academy, Silah Gulf, Bahrain Society for Training & Development, etc.

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Key Facts

Level: 8 NQF
Duration: Full Time (4 Years): 130 Credit Hours
Starting: September (Fall)
January (Spring)
May (Summer for transferred students)
Fees: TBA
Location: Sanad

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For questions regarding study and admissions please contact us:

(+973) 1762 0092


Building 1964, Road 4363، Sanad 743, Kingdom of Bahrain

Graduate Attributes

The graduates of the program will be able to demonstrate the following attributes:

    • Knowledgeable in Accounting and Finance: Graduates will have great appreciation for their role as accountants and Financial actors which will reflect in their passion for their field.
    • Professional in using the relevant technologies: They will have the ability to implement the gained knowledge professionally in the field of accounting and finance by using with agility the relevant technologies in the field.
    • Effective communicator: They will have the ability to communicate orally and write financial and accounting reports effectively through different mediums.
    • Team Player and Leader: Graduates will have the ability to play a productive role as team members and leaders.
    • Problem Solver: Graduates will know the methodology for tackling complicated and unpredictable Accounting and Finance problems and solving them.
    • Lifelong learner: Graduates will have the ability to educate themselves and keep up to date with contemporary Accounting and Financial issues, regulations, local and international trends.
    • Ethical and Responsible: Graduates understand their role to provide accounting and financial information in a high level of integrity, they have high awareness of the impact of their responsible actions on the society.
    • Creative and Reflective Thinker: Graduates will possess the habit of creative thinking about Accounting and Finance problems or any other related matters.

Program Content

The program of accounting and finance covers a variety of topics such as financial accounting, costs, taxes, auditing, financial management and personal finance issues, financial institutions and investment. The qualification comprises 130 credit hours offered over four academic years. It is delivered in English by the Department of Accounting and Financial Sciences in the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences. The Program seeks to ensure that graduates of the Program possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies that qualify them to confidently enter the labour market and get the best career opportunities. The 8- semester study plan for the program covers a wide range of topics in a span of 4 years. It, among other things, covers accounting topics, including financial accounting, managerial accounting, costs, taxation, and auditing, as well as technological issues. In the field of finance, it deals with financial management and personal finance issues, financial institutions, international finance, finance technologies, and investment.

The program aims not only to provide knowledge but also to provide students with different skills and competencies such as analytical skills, communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, lifelong learning skills, responsibility, context, and autonomy competencies. The Accounting and Finance program seeks to achieve realistic approaches to students through, Internship, graduation project, field visits, and special guest speakers.

Bachelor in Accounting & Financial Science Study Plan 2022-2023 (Click to download).

Admission Criteria for the Bachelor in Accounting and Finance Program:

    • The Applicant must  have  a  high-school  certificate  or  equivalent  according  to  the regulations of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
    • Applicants with a high-school certificate or an equivalent from Arts stream are required to take all the placement tests for the program except “Mathematics for Business” Placement Test and is directed to enroll in the Preparatory Course “MTH 014 Basic Mathematics for Business”.
    • Applicant must score 60% and above in the secondary school
    • Applicants with GPA equal to or greater than 60% must sit and pass in placement tests, and if they fail, they must enroll in relevant preparatory courses, noting that:
    • While enrolling in  preparatory  courses(s),  students  are  not  allowed  to  enroll  in  the program courses. Still, they are allowed to join in the University Requirement Courses (provided that there are no prerequisites for such courses). After passing the preparatory sessions, students can enroll in program courses.

The following  are  the  placement  tests  for Bachelor  in Accounting and Finance Program  and relevant preparatory course(s) to be enrolled in if applicants fail in placement test(s):

    1. Mathematics for Business: Pass Mark for Mathematics for the Business placement test is 65%.  If the Applicant scores  less  than  65%,  s/he  is  required  to  enroll  in  the  Preparatory  Course  (MTH014 Basic Mathematics for Business).
    2. Computer Skills Proficiency: Pass  Mark  for Computer  Skills  Proficiency  placement  test  is  65%.  If  the  Applicant scores  less  than  65%,  s/he  is  required  to  enroll  in  the  Preparatory  Course  (GCS011 Computer Skills).
    3. English Language Proficiency: Pass Mark for English Language Proficiency Placement testis 65%.If the Applicant scores 40% to less than 65%, s/he is required to enroll in the following Preparatory Course (ENG016 Foundation English 2). If the Applicant scores less than 40%, s/he is required to register in the following  two Preparatory Courses (ENG015Foundation English 1 and ENG016 Foundation English 2).
    4. Arabic Language Proficiency: Pass  Mark  for  Arabic  Language  Proficiency  Placement  test  is  65%.  If  the  Applicant scores  less  than  65%,  s/he  is  required  to  enroll  in  the  Preparatory  Course  (ARB011 Basics of Arabic Language Skills).

All Applicants  with a GPA of less  than  60%  shall  directly  enroll  in  a  preparatory program that includes the following introductory courses:

    • MTH014 Basic Mathematics for Business
    • GCS011 Computer Skills
    • ENG015 Foundation English 1
    • ENG016 Foundation English 2
    • ARB011 Basics of Arabic Language Skills

The Accounting and Finance curriculum was designed in such a way that courses offered at different levels develop knowledge, skill, competence of the students in an incremental manner. The Programme is offered over a period of 4 years as follows:

First Year

In the first year of the study plan, courses provide opportunity to develop generalized knowledge and understanding of the business, management, economics, mathematics, accounting, and finance domain with the ability to apply the principles in given context, obtain, organize and use information, and draw conclusion. Several courses are offered in first year including Introduction to Business, Mathematics for Business, Microeconomics, Arabic Language, English for Effective Communication, Digital Skills in Business, Principles of Financial Accounting, Principles of Management, Business Statistics, English for Technical Reporting. These courses allow students to communicate and present using basic skills, to display numerical and IT skills relevant for the course and competence to become accountable, responsible for the tasks, ethical etc.

Second Year

Courses in second year expose the students to Accounting and Finance domain at basic level and the remaining Accounting and finance domains which provide detailed knowledge and understanding of the subjects with application to real life tasks using basic and some advanced skills. Several courses are offered in second year such as Research Methods for Business, Macro Economics, Principles of Marketing, Managerial Accounting, Advanced English Skills, Business Ethics, Business Law, Financial Management, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting. These courses allow the student to organize, evaluate and present argument, communicate effectively with target audience, to show autonomy, responsibility in various contexts and teambuilding.

Third Year

Courses in the third year expose the students to Accounting and Finance domain at a middle level which develops detailed and advanced knowledge and understanding of the subjects to undertake tasks and issues related to industry using advanced skills, to synthesize, analyze, evaluate complex issues and perspectives, to formulate realistic solutions in diverse context. Courses in the third year include Financial Markets and Institutions, Personal Finance and Planning, Diversity at Workplace, Auditing, Accounting Information System, Islamic Finance, Sustainability, Financial Risk Management, Financial Reporting, Production and Operation Management, Big Data Analytics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Besides that, one elective course also offered to students in the third year.

Fourth Year

Courses in the fourth year offer more advanced Accounting and Finance domains that develop advanced Skills that enables students to complete tasks/projects/problems relevant to industry. Courses also aim to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate complex topics and viewpoints, and to design realistic solutions in a variety of situations. Courses offered in the fourth year are Taxation Accounting, FinTech, Forensic Accounting, Advanced Financial Reporting, Government Accounting, Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management, Integrated Business Application, International Finance, Graduation Project in Accounting and Finance and Human rights. In addition, two elective courses are also offered to students in the fourth year.  

These include both mandatory and elective courses that allow students to communicate effectively in a structured manner and present facts, figures and reports to reach the appropriate audience, use standard and specialized IT applications in accounting and finance contexts, interpret graphical and numerical data in research and course projects, and develop lifelong learning, accountability and ethical practices.

    • BHD100 per credit hour.

The Total amount before Discount BHD 13,000 and Gulf University provide to the student’s scholarship according to their high school GPA as shown in below tables:

High School


Fees per 1 Cr.

Total Amount After Discount

GPA ≥ 95%


50 BHD

6,500 BHD

Below 95%


60 BHD

7,800 BHD

    • Workshop
    • IT Labs
    • Classrooms
    • Material Library
    • Library Resources
    • Electronic Resources

Accounting and Finance sciences Program is designed meet the international requirements of the market‘s need by preparing the graduated students for the field of Finance and accounting either locally or internationally.

Our graduate students will be able to lead the market through specific attributes and behaviors reflecting the market’ needs in future . As result they will have the following opportunities to start their career journey:

    • Accounting and finance Researchers.
    • The best Candidates to master’s degree in Accounting.
    • The best Candidates to master’s degree in Banking and finance.
    • Managing firms in strategic level.
    • The best Candidates to MBA degree.
    • The best Candidates for master’s degrees’ to Management.
    • The best Candidates to master’s degree to FinTech.

The Internship aims to provide students with a work-based learning opportunity in which they can develop intellectual, professional, and personal skills to function well in a diverse working environment in all key job sectors. It requires students to draw upon multi-disciplinary knowledge skills and theory acquired from their previous studies. The students will undertake 100 hours of training after they complete 40% of the program credit hours and 200 hours of training after they complete 60% of the program credit hours. The students are sent to work environments under the guidance of an academic adviser. At the end of the training process, the students are expected to submit a formal narrative report of their experiences and also an evaluation of their performance by the internship supervisor. Regarding the assessment, 40% of the marks are assessed by the field supervisor, 30% by the academic supervisor, and 30% by the internship jury panel.

    • Gulf University aspires to provide enriched campus life, innovation and sustainable development. 
    • The campus has spaces for students and staff socializing in open spaces with innovative seating arrangements along with spaces for individual and group learning, seminar and presentation. 
    • Gulf University aims to enrich students’ experience with social and learning opportunities with events and activities both on and off campus. 
    • It adapts a holistic approach to academics and extracurricular activities including sports, contributing to all round personal and career development of students.
Where is the university is located?Sanad; Building 1964, Road 4363, Sanad 743.
What is the name of the program you offer in the department of accounting and financial science?Bachelor’s in Accounting & Financial Science.
Do you have other programs in accounting and financial science?Currently we have Bachelor’s in Accounting & Financial Science. However, we plan to open new other programs very soon.
Does the bachelor’s in accounting & Financial Science accredit by Bahrain National Qualification Framework?Yes. it is placed on Bahrain National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 8. Further, the program obtained full confidence from The Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA).
How many credit hours for the bachelor’s in accounting & Financial Science?130 credit hours offered over four academic years.
Is the program delivered in English or Arabic?It is delivered in English.
How many semesters for the program of bachelor’s in accounting & Financial Science?Eight semesters over a span of 4 years.
Does the program of bachelor’s in accounting & Financial Science got accreditation from an international body?Yes. The program is accredited by several bodies such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and ICMA (Institute of Management Accountants).
Is there a placement test for some courses to register for the program of bachelor’s in accounting & Financial Science?

Yes. The following are the placement tests for Bachelor in Accounting and Finance Program.

    • Mathematics for Business
    • Computer Skills Proficiency
    • English Language Proficiency
    • Arabic Language Proficiency
How much score is required to register for the program of bachelor’s in accounting & Financial Science?Applicant must score 60% and above in the secondary school.
Do you accept an applicant who has less than 60% in the secondary school.

Yes. Applicants with a GPA of less than 60% shall directly enroll in a preparatory program that includes the following introductory courses:

    • MTH014 Basic Mathematics for Business
    • GCS011 Computer Skills
    • ENG015 Foundation English 1
    • ENG016 Foundation English 2
    • ARB011 Basics of Arabic Language Skills


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Email: helpdesk@gulfuniversity.edu.bh
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WhatsApp: +973 3563 3610

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Careers & Employability

The program prepares and supports students to develop their full potential to enter the profession of accounting & finance in private and public sectors and undertake managerial positions to positively contribute to organizations and society. The graduates are contributing to the following career opportunities in the field of accounting & finance:

    • Bookkeeper
    • An accountant
    • ACCA Certified Accountant
    • Management Accountant
    • Financial Analyst
    • Portfolio manager
    • Internal Auditors
    • External auditors
    • Government Auditor
    • Taxation Consultant
    • Budget Analyst
    • Accounting Manager
    • International Accountant
    • Forensic Accountant
    • Cost Accountant
    • Financial Manager
    • Investment Banker
    • Stockbroker

Student Story

Wejdan Salah's Story

“Taking a work placement is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It enabled me to have the opportunity to look thoroughly into the HR industry, to develop an understanding of the structure, behaviour and working norms within an organisation, as well as improving my verbal and written communication skills.

The placement has played a key role in determining what career I would like to pursue, I am now confident as to what I would like to do after graduating. I feel like I now have an advantage on expanding my network in the HR sector. This placement has also had a huge impact on my personal development – a year ago, I was a shy individual whereas now I am more confident and can see the transformation within myself.”

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