The Interior Design Engineering program is unique in Bahrain since it interrelates engineering knowledge and skills with design aspects, processes and competencies. The program’s interdisciplinary nature combines art, design, engineering and technology related to the interior design of the built environment. It reflects growing engineering and technology applications impacting design disciplines and practices contributing to sustainability.

The program is committed to graduate interior design engineers who are fit for the profession and can pursue higher studies in the field of interior design engineering and related disciplines. Graduates are empowered with the competencies and attributes needed for developing the profession and communities locally, regionally and globally. Students will develop their creative, critical and analytical skills and learn about life-long learning to enter the profession of interior design, engineering and related industries. The students will engage in design projects throughout their study progression, reinforced by a wide range of supportive courses to develop their written, verbal, and visual communications skills. In addition, they will establish a robust understanding of interior design’s functional, aesthetic and social roles. They will broaden and deepen their awareness of construction and rehabilitation technologies, building services, and professional regulations implemented in interior spaces and furniture design and practice.

The IDE program is accredited by international IET institutions, UK


    • Interior Design Engineering Program offers a unique program in Bahrain within its multidisciplinary and technology-driven nature.
    • Interior Design Engineering Program is aligned with Bahrain National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 8.
    • The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)-UK has granted international accreditation to the Interior Design Engineering Program.
    • The academic staff got a membership from the Institution of Engineering and Technology.
    • The program has a National Partnership with a number of well-known companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, such as:
      • Veer Interiors
      • Fatima Al Ansari Design & Execution
      • ITQAN For Development
      • Design Studio Architects,
      • NJ Engineering,
      • AFCAR Incubator for Engineering Enterprises
      • Bahrain Fab Lab
    • The program has an international partnership with the International Council of Design (ICO-D)

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Key Facts

Level: 8 NQF
Duration: Full Time (4 Years): 136 Credit Hours
Track: English
Starting: September (Fall)
January (Spring)
May (Summer for transferred students)
Fees: TBA
Location: Sanad

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Building 1964, Road 4363، Sanad 743, Kingdom of Bahrain

Graduate Attributes

    • Knowledge and Passion for Design: Graduates will significantly appreciate their role as interior design engineers, reflecting their passion for design.
    • Professionalism: Graduates will be able to professionally implement the gained knowledge in interior design and related engineering.
    • Effective communication: Graduates will be able to communicate ideas effectively through different mediums.
    • Team Playing: Graduates will have the ability to play a productive role as team members and leaders.
    • Problem-Solving: Graduates will be familiarized with methods for tackling design and related technology and engineering problems and solving them.
    • Lifelong learning: Graduates will be able to educate themselves and keep up to date with contemporary design and related technology and engineering movements.
    • Sustainability Driven: Graduates will implement gained knowledge in incorporating sustainability ideas and technology in all aspects of their lives.
    • Creative and Reflective Thinking: Graduates will possess the habit of creative thinking about design and related technology and engineering problems or any other interior design-related matters.

Program Content

  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)-UK has granted international accreditation to the Interior Design Engineering Program.
  • Interior Design Engineering Program is placed at level 8 based on Bahrain National Qualification Framework (NQF) standards.
  • BIDE Obtained full confidence in Academic Program Review conducted by The Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA).
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136 credit hours, divided into 8 semesters (4 years).

Program is offered on campus.

Bachelor in Interior Design Engineering Study Plan (Click to download).

  1. Applicant must have a high-school certificate or an equivalent, or a certificate from applied technical or industrial institutes or an equivalent, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. The high-school certificates must be in one of the following branches- Science, Commercial, Industrial, with a GPA of no less than 60%.
  3. Applicants with GPA equal to or greater than 60% must sit for, and pass in placement tests, and if they fail, they must enroll in relevant preparatory courses, noting that:
    • While enrolling in preparatory courses(s), students are not allowed to enroll in the program courses, but they can enroll in the University Requirement Courses (if there are no prerequisites for such courses). After passing the preparatory courses, students can enroll in program courses.
    • All preparatory courses are of (3) credit hours.

The following are the placement tests for Bachelor’s in Interior Design Engineering Program and relevant preparatory course(s) to be enrolled in, if applicants fail in placement test(s):

    • Knowledge and Skills in Interior Design:

Pass Mark for “Knowledge and Skills in Interior design” test is 65%. If the Applicant scores less than 65%, s/he is required to enroll in and pass the Preparatory Course (IND011 Introduction to Knowledge and Skills in Interior Design).                    

    • Basic Engineering Mathematics:

Pass Mark for Mathematics test is 65%. If the Applicant scores less than 65%, s/he is required to enroll in the Preparatory Course (MTH015 Basic Mathematics for Engineering).

    • Computer Skills:

Pass Mark for Computer Skills test is 65%. If the Applicant scores less than 65%, s/he is required to enroll in the Preparatory Course (CS011 Computer Skills).

    • English Language Proficiency:

Pass Mark for English Language Proficiency test is 65%. If the Applicant scores 40% to less than 65%, s/he is required to enroll in the following Preparatory Course (ENG016 Foundation English 2). If the Applicant scores less than 40%, s/he is required to enroll in the following two Preparatory Courses (ENG015 Foundation English 1 and ENG016 Foundation English 2).

Applicants with GPA less than 60% shall directly enroll in a preparatory program that includes the following preparatory courses:

    • IND011 – Introduction to Knowledge and Skills in Interior Design,
    • MTH015 – Basic Mathematics for Engineering,
    • CS011- Computer Skills,
    • ENG015 – Foundation English 1,
    • ENG016 – Foundation English 2.

The Program is offered over a period of 4 years with 136 total credits, as follows:

First Year:  In year 1, the students will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of the design process, technologies, and relevant engineering theories. They will be able to deploy basic manual drawing skills, design research, verbal and written communication skills. Students will enroll in courses such as Material Physics and Properties, Introduction to Engineering, Human Factors in Design, Architectural Drawing and Drafting, Design Research & Methods, etc.

Second Year: In year 2, the students will be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of functional, social, and environmental factors and digital drawing skills that affect the design of interior spaces within the built environment. Students will be able to consider and implement interior design construction technologies and mechanical engineering principles in the assigned design tasks. At the end of year 2, the students will engage in the first level of internship to pursue work experience within the interior design industry. Students will enroll in the following courses such as Digital Drafting Media, Thermodynamic & Fluid Mechanics, Interior Construction & Materials, Color & Lighting Design, Interior Design Engineering Studio I, Interior Design Engineering Studio II, Thermal Comfort & Indoor Air Quality, etc.

Third Year: In year 3, the students will be able to deal with more complex interior design projects to ensure that they are able to incorporate previously developed knowledge and skills with emphases on technical, sustainability, economical electrical system for interiors, plumbing system and fixture feasibility factors that affect the design solutions and decisions. The Courses offered this year are such as Interior Design Engineering Studio III, Modern & Contemporary Design, BIM for Interior Design Detailing, Sustainability Engineering & Design, Interior Design Engineering Studio IV, Engineering Economics & Management, etc.

Fourth Year: In year 4, the students will develop a more holistic and in-depth design experience, where they will be able to demonstrate versatile critical analysis, integrated problem-solving, and creative design solutions and decisions. Professional ethics and code of practice will be ensured, and the manufacturing of interior detailing will be reflected in multifaceted, complex design projects. The Courses offered this year are Interior Design Engineering Studio V, Product & Furniture Design, Smart & Sustainable Interiors, Professional Practice & Ethics, Building Codes & Regulations, Manufacturing of Interior Detailing, etc.

    • BHD100 per credit hour.

The Total amount before Discount BHD 13,600 and Gulf University provide to the student’s scholarship according to their high school GPA as shown in below tables:

High School


Fees per 1 Cr.

Total Amount After Discount

GPA ≥ 95%


50 BHD

6,800 BHD

90% – 94.9%


70 BHD

9,520 BHD

80% – 89.9%


80 BHD

10,880 BHD

70% – 79.9%


90 BHD

12,240 BHD

Available Facilities Contributing to the IDE Program

    • Four Design Studios
    • Engineering Workshop
    • Fab Lab
    • Structural and Form Lab
    • Electrical Circuit Lab
    • Construction Lab
    • Material Testing Lab
    • Thermo-Fluid Lab
    • General Computer Labs
    • Classrooms
    • Lecture Hall
    • Seminar Room
    • Open Space Lecture Zone 1
    • Open Space Lecture Zone 2
    • Auditorium
    • Library Resources
    • Electronic Library Resources

Gulf University local bachelor graduates are eligible to study Master degree in any local university.

The IDE program contains two internships (Internship I and Internship II). In the first one, the student should complete 100 hours after finishing 40% of the IDE credit hours. For the second internship, the student should complete 200 hours after completing 60% of the IDE credit hours. Every student takes up an assigned task related to their field of study in a firm of relevant specialization under the guidance of an internal faculty and the supervision of an external field supervisor. As for the internship, 40% of the marks are assessed by the field supervisor, 30% by the academic supervisor, and 30% by the internship jury panel.

Fatima Al-Ansari Design and Execution-Founder & General ManagerIt was invited Fatima Al-Ansari as a guest speaker General Manager of Fatima Al-Ansari Company for Interior Design to deliver a lecture about Design Process for IDE students in Design Studio I course during Spring Semester 2020-2021.

Guest Speaker Engineer Rabih Halik (Veer Interiors Company) It was invited Eng. Rabih Halik (manager of Veer Interiors Company) form industry as a guest speaker to deliver a lecture regarding Design Management for IDE students in Design Studio courses on 24/2/2021 during Spring Semester.

3D Max Workshop IDE program has conducted a 3D Max workshop for 2 days by lab assistant Ms. Niha Shabbir. It was a basic training of 3D Max foundation as community services during Fall Semester/December 2020.

Podium Design Competition

IDE students have participated in a Podium Design competition conducting by IDE program in Gulf University. Three students participated in this competition and submitted their ideas and design to the IDE jury committee to evaluate the design. The winning student was Abdulla Isa.




Dr. Rayan Abdulla’s Workshop/Germany/Guest speakerIt was invited Prof. Dr. Rayan Abdullah well known International Designer from Germany he has a professor of typography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (HGB) from 16/10/2022 to 18/10/2022. The main purpose of his visit was to deliver a speech about Innovative Trends in Logo Branding Design and to conduct a workshop for IDE students to design the GU logo.

IET Accreditation Celebration Gulf University celebrated the receipt of the international accreditation certificate from the UK Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) for the Interior Design Engineering Program on 24/11/2022. It is Europe’s largest professional and non-profit organization for the development and promotion of science, engineering and technology.

Germany Workshop IDE students participated in Germany Workshop “MOVING THE CITY” some of them went to Germany with other students from other programs-Gulf University under Dr. Omar Blibech’s supervision. The second group was mainly for IDE students, and they were 14 students under Dr. Aseel Abdulsalam Al-Ayash and Eng. Abdulrahman Jamal supervision. From 29th November 2019 to 5th December 2019They did a design and create ideas for the groups in Germany. The following are the names of students who participated in the IDE program.

Why Interior Design Engineering program is different? Interior Design Engineering program comprise a range of well linked and interdisciplinary domains of interior design, engineering and technologies. It is the only interior design program in Bahrain and GCC the has the title of engineering.
What are the main domains in Interior Design Engineering Program? Interior Design Engineering program covers five domains which are Design, Technology and Engineering, Communication, Theory and History, Professionalism.
Is Interior Design Engineering accredited? Yes, the program is accredited nationally by BQA and internationally by Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) from the UK.
Is the program in Arabic or English language? The program is in English Language.
Are there any entrance tests required for admission? Yes, the applicants must do the 4 placement tests for IDE Program which are Knowledge and Skills in Interior Design, Mathematics for Engineering, Computer Skills, and English Language Proficiency.
What is the total credit of the Interior Design Engineering program? The total credit of the program is 136 Credit.
How long is the study period in this program? 4 years including 8 semesters.
How many semesters are in an academic year? There are two regular semesters during the year, Fall and Spring. Each semester lasts for 15 weeks, in addition to the summer term which lasts for 7 weeks.
What is the study load? A student’s “study load” is the number of credit hours for which he or she registered during the semester. For the Fall and Spring semesters, the study load for the undergraduate programs varies from 12 to 19 credit hours. For the Summer semester, the study load is maximum 9 credit hours.


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Email: helpdesk@gulfuniversity.edu.bh
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WhatsApp: +973 3563 3610

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Careers & Employability

The program prepares competent graduates with 21st-century skills to be significant members of the engineering design team of interior design offices, architecture & construction firms, interior fit-out & furniture production and engineering consultation bureaus for buildings services.

Career opportunities for Program Graduates:

    • Interior and Spatial Design Engineer.
    • Furniture and Product Designer.
    • Production and Construction Consultant for Interior Design Projects.
    • Exhibition Designer.
    • Ambience Designer (Lighting, Acoustics, etc.).
    • Space Planning and Project Consultant.
    • Professional in Building Information Modelling for Detailing and Project Management.
    • Building Services Engineering Consultant.

Student Story

Wejdan Salah's Story

“Taking a work placement is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It enabled me to have the opportunity to look thoroughly into the HR industry, to develop an understanding of the structure, behaviour and working norms within an organisation, as well as improving my verbal and written communication skills.

The placement has played a key role in determining what career I would like to pursue, I am now confident as to what I would like to do after graduating. I feel like I now have an advantage on expanding my network in the HR sector. This placement has also had a huge impact on my personal development – a year ago, I was a shy individual whereas now I am more confident and can see the transformation within myself.”

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