Community Partners

Gulf University encourages a responsible community and industry engagement which demonstrates active participation, sound impact, responsiveness to needs identified by community, building better community understanding and appreciation, and training and development. The spectrum of community engagement activities are providing training and continuous education, community services, social engagement, industry network, sharing resources and facilities, and donations of equipment. Within this context, the university has entered into partnership agreement with local community organizations.

Shura Council

Gulf University has partnership agreement with Shura Council to provide opportunities for internship, participate in events, forum, symposium, conference, and collaborate on joint research. The university also offers Shura council representatives a free access to the university library and facilities.

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Council of Representatives

Gulf University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Council of Representatives which focuses on collaborative research projects, offering consultancy and training for students and staff. The collaboration opens up opportunities to hosting guest speakers and participating in university events, symposium, forum, and conference.

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General Authority of Sports

Gulf University has collaboration with the General Authority of Sports to promote sport culture amongst the youth. The partnership aims to support the members to pursue academics by providing scholarship. The university thus facilitates student athletes to undertake both academic and sport pursuits.

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Bahrain Institute for Political Development

Gulf University has partnership agreement with Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) which explores opportunities to offer training courses, and workshops in politics and governance. This collaboration also targets to enhance our reach for community engagement and invites speakers to give seminar and presentation on democratic values for the larger community.

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Bahrain Businesswomen's Society

Gulf University has partnership agreement with Bahrain Business Women’s Society which explores opportunities for students and staff to participate in conference, seminar, workshop for experience sharing, knowledge building and mentoring for skill development. The collaboration promotes networking opportunities to conduct joint project, events, and launch entrepreneurial initiatives within the principles of gender equality and diversity.

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Nasser Vocational Training Centre

The collaboration between Gulf University and Nasser Vocational Training Centre provides opportunity to participate and use facilities in Nasser Artificial Intelligence R & D Centre in research, innovation and projects by staff and students.

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Bahrain Society for Training & Development

Gulf University has collaborative agreement with Bahrain Society for Training and Development (BSTD) which enables staff and students to connect with industry practitioners in human resource management, media coverage for their event, and become members in their association. This collaboration focuses on training and workshop to students in the discipline of human resource management in order to enhance employability.

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Gulf University has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hope Ventures to promote entrepreneurship among students and staff, conduct interactive workshop and informative sessions to engage students in entrepreneurial knowledge building. Hope is committed to engage students and staff through surveys, interviews, and focus group while generating insights into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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