Graduate Attributes

GA1: Knowledgeable in Their Disciplines

Apply acquired knowledge to real life situations in skillful, confident and effective way; Demonstrate competencies in their area of specialization for higher studies and profession with a global perspective.

GA2: Professional Applicators of Technologies

Creative and innovative in using new technological trends; Mastering technologies relevant to their field of expertise; Applying technological skills to solve real life situations; Be unique to create new technology application that can enrich their fields.

GA3: Effective Communicators

Present and negotiate using verbal and non-verbal communication; respond to different opinions and ideas to convey clear, concise and organized information; communicate effectively and professionally about multidisciplinary issues in a multicultural environment and be citizens of the world.

GA4: Collaborators and leaders

Participate effectively in collaborative learning; have eagerness to the lifelong development of their skills and learning: Be ambitious and positive within a team; demonstrate leadership qualities in academic and extracurricular activities; be proficient in dealing and working with others.

GA5: Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers

Creatively solve problems relevant to their specialization and other multidisciplinary fields; Analyze, synthesize and evaluate information critically; Observe, reflect, reason and communicate effectively in a challenging environment.

GA6: Lifelong learners with Adaptability

Demonstrate lifelong learning skill in pursuing career; understand the world around them and adapt to different environments and cultures; be motivated to pursue knowledge for personal or professional endeavor; have an eagerness to adapt to new concepts and ideas; be autodidactic learners.

GA7: Responsible & Ethical Towards Society & Environment

Be responsible and committed to serve for mankind; be concerned and knowledgeable about society’s welfare and environmental priorities; acquire social integrity; contribute positively towards social and environmental ethical practices; be accountable to the decisions towards profession and society; create an impact towards sustainability.

GA8: Reflective learners and Initiators

Think logically, take action and reflect upon what has been learned; apply theory to practice and get engaged in an ongoing learning process; reflect upon the learning experience and actively participate in the development of the community; be an initiator or a catalyst for change for the wellbeing of the community.