About DTC Center

In line with Bahrain Vision 2030, Gulf University Strategic Plan 2023-2027 sets the direction and roadmap towards the aspirations in becoming a distinguished higher education institution at national, regional and international level.

One of the directions is Theme #7 i.e. Digital Transformation, through leveraging technical and human capabilities and focusing more on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of operations, by digitizing all aspects of university processes including teaching, learning and simultaneously building human and infrastructural capacity to facilitate such transition.

Gulf University is a forward-thinking institution that strives to provide its faculty and students with guidance and the knowledge of disruptive and emerging technologies. Digital transformation is essential for universities to remain competitive and meet the changing needs of their stakeholders. To achieve this goal, the university has established the Digital Transformation Center, which aims to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and digitize campus operations. The center will also enhance the quality of academic programs and research activities at the university.

Scope of Center

The center is assigned with the following responsibilities:

    • Research and understand the new technologies that support teaching and learning in higher education, and the benefits of investing and implementing them.
    • Identify and prioritize the areas where digital transformation can add the most value to the university’s campus operations.
    • Design and implement a digital transformation roadmap that outlines the actions the university needs to take to achieve its digital transformation objectives.
    • Develop and implement a campus management system that automates teaching, learning, assessment, research, and other aspects of university operations.
    • Provide training and support to faculty and staff on new digital tools and technologies and foster a culture of innovation and digitization.
    • Measure the impact of digital transformation initiatives on the university’s operations, productivity, and competitiveness, and make recommendations for continuous improvement.