Message from Director

We live in a world where technology changes rapidly and affects every aspect of our lives. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought forth diverse and innovative forms and fields of technology, which require us to keep pace with them by understanding, applying, and simplifying them for various purposes and for different user types.
At the Digital Transformation Center of the Gulf University, we believe that intellectual transformation is the key to achieving digital transformation. Therefore, we have integrated the vision of digital transformation into one of the main pillars of the university’s strategic plan, which guides all the subsequent plans for information technology and digital transformation.

The Gulf University administration has always been committed to investing in technology in education, which enabled us to establish the Digital Transformation Center in 2023 as a continuation of our previous efforts in automating and enhancing the processes related to working, teaching, learning, student services and activities, scientific research, and community services.

Our vision at the Digital Transformation Center is to apply modern and useful technologies that transform education and make it a beacon of knowledge in various fields. We aim to be the first and leading source for institutions, companies, and individuals who seek to understand and apply digital transformation in a way that suits their needs and goals. We are proud of our achievements and contributions to the Gulf University and society at large, and we look forward to exploring new horizons and opportunities for digital transformation in the future.

Mr. Ali Mansoor
Director of Digital Transformation Center