Center Achievements

Continuously improve the Moodle platform adopted at the Gulf University to reduce the burdens on users to reach a more effective system.

A course has been created on the moodle, containing induction videos, aimed at developing all the induction videos that teachers need to deal with all electronic services, such as Moodle and others. Our center helps to facilitate difficulties face faculty members.

A new template has been used for Moodle, it’s an effective template that achieves standardization in all subjects for all teachers. so that there is one format for everyone. And it makes it easier for students to know the contents of the platform easily.

Producing Induction Videos in both Arabic and English to train faculty members on how to use Moodle and develop solutions to the problems they face.

Hosted an expert in instructional design to give a lecture on the topic.

A training course was prepared and conducted for GU university staff on how to convert course content into an animated video.

On February 10, the unit hosted Dr. Sajna Jalil, Professor of Teaching Methods at Mahatma Gandhi University, and the hosting was via the Zoom application. Dr. Sajna gave a lecture to GU faculty members on the instructional design.

Provided eleven training workshops and produced eleven educational videos for the most important forms that the professor needs in the educational process and presented to all university professors.

The unit provided a training workshop on how to use the Turnitin system for faculty members, showing how the professor checks students’ work and finds out the plagiarism rate, and produced an educational video for this purpose that was presented to all professors.