Center Activities

Prepared E-Learning Utilization draft Report for Fall Semester 2022-2023. displays all details in the form of forms and statistics that help to display all activities for all sections.

Prepared the electronic form of In-semester Student Course Feedback and put it to all courses on the moodle, So that it is easier for the student to fill out the form electronically and replace the paper method.Helps teachers to download results easily, and then put them in a course file.

Find a platform or applications to work with creating interactive lectures linked to the Moodle platform through which teachers can assess the skills, the understanding and preoccupation of students that can result in an interesting lecture.

Prepare a detailed video tutorial to use the I Spring app that transforms presentations into interactive lectures.

Producing an Induction Video for teaching and learning forms / other forms related to teaching/ learning in a detailed and clear manner.

Preparing a detailed Instructional video on how to properly prepare the course file and upload it to the university’s website.

Preparing a detailed video about the databases used by the university and the way they are presented, selecting references for the course, presenting them to students and encouraging them to have an access.

Preparing a detailed video on how to use Turnitin to analyze students’ answer sheets as well as teachers’ researches.

Managing the general courses and ensuring that they are delivered to university programs students.

Manage the peer review process, organize visits, and receive reports for the three semesters.

Interviewing and selecting new academics (full-time and part-time) and assessing their potential to work in the General Studies Unit.

Preparing course schedules for general courses in coordination with university faculties.

Conducting placement tests for new applicants to study at the university.