External credit transfer for students or graduates from other HE institutions, who wish to study at GU and who meet GU admission requirements, shall be considered as follows:

    1. Courses with similar titles, contents, credit hours, and NQF level to these at GU shall be transferred.

Admission Procedures:

    1. The minimum grade required for transfer is C or 70% if the passing grade is 60%, or 60% if the passing grade is 50%, or 50% if the passing grade is 40%.
    2. No courses shall be equivalent to GU preparatory courses.
    3. Courses passed outside GU after the student is registered at GU shall not be transferred without prior written permission from relevant College and President of University.
    4. The maximum number of transferred credits is 66% of the total credits required for the degree (this does not include courses transferred for the requirements of supplementary courses of zero credit).

Student at GU can transfer from his/her current program to another within the university. Internal transfer criteria are:

    1. The student has completed at least one semester in the current program, excluding withdrawal semesters.
    2. Credits shall be transferred only for courses that are similar (including NQF level) in both programs. Non-similar courses shall not be considered for credit transfer.
    3. Marks for transferred courses will be included in the CGPA.
    4. Internal transfer shall be subject to approval by relevant Heads of Departments and Dean(s).
    5. One semester shall be considered in the maximum period of graduation in the new program, for every (15) credit hours transferred from the previous program.

Download the attached video and follow the steps to request an internal transfer on Campus system.