Scholarship’s terms of agreement:

    • In order to obtain the scholarship, the applicant/student must complete all admission procedures at the Gulf University, including submitting all the required documents and papers written in the admission form and taking the placement test specified for him (if he/she has not been excluded from it according to the applicable Gulf University regulations), and a decision is issued Acceptance to enroll in one of the academic programs offered by the university.
    • The agreement is organized after the applicant/student completes the application for the grant and the approval of his/her application is issued.
    • Gulf University offers the student a scholarship based on his/her secondary school GPA from the basic tuition fees (credit hour fees), and the scholarship does not include any additional semesters after this period.
    • The scholarship covers tuition fees for approved hours only and does not include any other fees related to the study and the university (such as application fees, placement exam fees, textbooks, etc.).
    • To encourage the continuation of the student’s academic excellence during his/her studies at the university, he/she must maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in any semester of no less than C + (2.33) according to the grading scale approved by the Gulf University. The scholarship will be withheld from the student temporarily if his/her cumulative average is less than that, and it will be resubmitted if the student raises his/her cumulative average to C+ (2.33) or more.
    • To ensure the achievement of the characteristics of the student and the graduate at the Gulf University, the student beneficiary of the scholarship is required to actively participate in the activities and events of the university during the academic year. Failing to do so (with a minimum of two events per semester), 10% of the scholarship will be reduced to the student for the following semester. The discount is lifted if the student shows active participation during the semester.
    • The scholarship is applied as a “credit” to the student’s account and is not paid in cash.
    • The scholarship is applied so that it is not permissible to benefit from more than one scholarship at the same time.
    • The scholarship does not include the credit hours fees for the courses that the student repeats for the purpose of raising his/her cumulative average, or because he/she failed or withdrew from it or considered it a compulsory withdrawal in accordance with the university regulations.
    • The scholarship is permanently suspended in the following cases:
      • Issuance of a disciplinary decision against the student during his/her studies at the university due to any misconduct (including plagiarism and fraud).
      • The student has completed the maximum normal study period (4 academic years).
      • Obtaining a bachelor’s degree (within the normal study period).
      • Student withdrawal from the university. If the withdrawal occurs during the semester, the student must pay the credit hour fees for the entire semester (regardless of the scholarship awarded).