The student unit at the university offers a comprehensive range of services to support and engage the student community. Students can request internship opportunities to gain practical experience, receive career consultations to plan their professional development, and participate in various workshops and training programs to enhance their skills. The unit also facilitates the formation of student clubs and societies, providing a platform for extracurricular activities and social interactions. For any student complaints or concerns, the student council serves as a representative body to address these issues. Additionally, students can request their student ID cards, and seek social counseling for personal and academic matters. The unit encourages students to take an active role by initiating their own activities, suggestions, and clubs, and provides support for booking university facilities. Students are also invited to inform the university about their talents and achievements, which may lead to recognition and opportunities. Alumni services are available to maintain connections with former students and support their post-graduation endeavors. Finally, the unit offers various student support programs, enabling students to apply for assistance as needed.


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Gulf University is interested in discovering talents, investing the energies of students, developing their various skills, and working to promote and support a culture of creativity and innovation.

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Gulf University encourages and helps its students socially through organizing social activities, environmental activities, and others. Society activities are announced via emails.

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    Gulf University planning ever year for workshops and evets students through a plan developed at the beginning of the Academic Year. These activities are comprehensive, designed to assist the students designed to assist the students to explore their occupational choices. It aims at developing the student’s competencies in self-knowledge and career planning.

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      The student council meets regularly to discuss important matters, especially when they receive complaints or suggestions directly from the students. They also meet to propose and work on some initiatives, such as side activities during national celebrations, online exams and related concerns, and competitions to improve students’ general engagement with the council.

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        The student unit offers the service of booking various university facilities, such as Big hall, classrooms, cafeterias, and sports grounds, for students to organize and host their activities, events, and gatherings. Whether it’s a club meeting, a cultural festival, a career fair, or a sports tournament, students can easily reserve the necessary spaces and resources through the student unit to ensure the successful execution of their plans.

        Reservation Form for University Facilities by Students


          The student service unit facilitates the process of obtaining a student ID card. Having a valid student ID card grants access to various campus facilities, and services making it an essential item for all students. Students can fill out a simple form as follows:

          Student ID Card Request Form

            Career development services contribute to the development of Gulf University students’ recruitment skills by providing students in collaboration with the Academic department and the Academic advisor with the necessary skills for the labor market to operate efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the career development office assists students to ensure their decisions of their career path through counselling students in choosing major field of study and guiding them to match their career goals with the opportunities offered in the job market. Additionally, the office provides career guidance workshops to help students’ transition from an academic environment to a professional one. The office also arranges internship opportunities for all students.


            GU provide financial support services to all the needy student, Gulf University’s student unit ensures that no student is left behind due to their economic background, fostering an inclusive and equitable educational environment. Those required financial support are requested to fill the following form:

            Financial Support Form

            Gulf University’s student unit is dedicated to ensuring an inclusive and accessible campus experience for students with disabilities. Disabled students can approach the student support unit to discuss their specific needs and requirements. The disabled students can fill out the Disability Support Request Form:

            Students can submit proposals to the student unit for organizing various on-campus events, workshops, or initiatives. This could include academic discussions, cultural celebrations, social gatherings, or recreational activities. The student unit will review the proposals, provide guidance on logistics and resource requirements, and support the students in bringing their ideas to fruition.

            You are required to fill the following form to submit the proposal and student support unit will review the submitted form and revert.

            Activities/Suggestion Form