The term “financial technology” refers to the introduction of new technologies aimed at simplifying and automating the provision and use of financial services. FinTech is primarily used to employ sophisticated software and algorithms used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones to help businesses, customers and business owners better manage their processes, procedures and financial lives.
There is now an opportunity for FinTech-driven organizations to become competitive alternatives to financial markets, infrastructure and financial intermediaries. Modern technology is widely used, which has benefits but also has problems that are now being avoided through several means, the most important of which is issuing laws regulating the use of financial technology. FinTech has the potential to increase the efficiency of the financial sector, providing better and more focused goods and services
Therefore, universities try to offer programs such as the Financial Technology program to provide expert people who can play an essential role in the industrial sector. One of those universities is the Gulf University. Gulf University always offers unique programs accredited by several internal and international bodies. Currently, Gulf University has designed a bachelor’s program in financial technology and investment management, as this program is relied upon to bring about a qualitative shift in the field of education in our beloved kingdom, the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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