After social media platforms have mastered society and solidified their control over the media, a recurring, ever-present question arises: What is the reason for the fame of certain activists in this field over others? If one seeks the answer, they will find numerous reasons, including concise content, strategic posting times, and direct engagement, among others. Many who enter this realm attempt to implement these strategies, yet fail to achieve fame or success, and their content remains without impact.

So, how can one be influential on social media? And what is the quickest path to reach followers? There is a somewhat general answer: “triviality.” The more trivial the content, the more widespread the account and its owner become famous and influential over the audience. However, triviality alone is insufficient because the matter involves a three-part equation: the content creator, the recipient, and the content itself. If the content creator is trivial, does that mean everything they publish is trivial? And is the recipient also trivial? For success, one needs interactive content, regardless of its depth or triviality. A quick look at the content of most influencers, deemed interactive, reveals it either consists of humor and dances or displays the owner sharing personal and daily life details, both of which resonate with the audience and spread rapidly.

This indicates that most of the receiving audience either has a curiosity – a natural human condition in varying degrees – to know others’ secrets and personal lives, emotionally connecting with the content creator who exploits themselves and possibly some family members, breaching their privacy for fame and profit, or an audience seeking any entertainment opportunity to escape reality and daily life pressures, finding their solution in humorous content and dances, content devoid of any benefit, meaningful message, or useful information, yet offering temporary entertainment and relief.

Based on this, social media sites are filled with activists who air their scandals and display their daily life details to the world, making their content interactive and trending, becoming influencers to start profiting from this endeavor. However, the issue doesn’t stop at privacy violation; the fierce competition in this field has led many to resort to lies and exaggeration, which has had many negative repercussions on society. What some present is no longer the daily life as it is, but fabricated and false realities, reaching a point where one separates from their spouse and announces divorce live, while others travel, merely to attract the largest possible audience eager for others’ secrets. On the other hand, others indulge in clowning and dancing to draw an audience that finds amusement and enjoyment in their behavior.

The truth is that both sides have managed to influence the algorithms of social media applications, increasing their reach and virality. Describing these contents as trivial is subject to social values. However, the biggest problem is that the mentioned content has started to change the social values themselves.

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