Current Position: Head of Media and Public Relation Department
Email Address:
Research Field of Interest: Public Relation and Advertising
Title: Associate Professor
College: Communication & Media Technologies
Department: Media and Public Relations
Specialization (General): Media
Specialization (Specific): Public Relation and Adverting


    • Ph.D. in Advertising & Public Relations, Faculty of Mass Communication. Cairo University, Egypt, 2011.
    • Master: Advertising & Public Relations, Faculty of Mass Communication. Cairo University, Egypt, 2006.
    • Bachelor of Advertising & Public Relations, Faculty of Mass Communication. Cairo University, Egypt, 1997.

Professional Membership

    • Member (MCIPR)
    • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy, UK (FHEA-UK)
    • Member of the Public Relations Association in the Middle East.
    • Member of the Egyptian Media Syndicate.
    • Member (CDMP) 
    • Member (CIPR-UK)

Teaching & Learning Statement

Dr. Naglaa has worked as a public relations instructor since 2011. She uses many useful teaching methods like lectures, class discussions, debates, role-playing, and problem-solving. She also uses many essential programs in the media production field like Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Programs. She believes in creating an effective learning environment that promotes equity, collaborative learning, and encourages students to be independent learners.


Dr. Naglaa worked as an assistant professor at the Canadian International College (CIC) in Egypt for five years. In addition, she worked in many other private universities. She has teaching experience in writing for public relations, advertising campaigns, social marketing campaigns, persuasion, advertising production, public opinion, public relation techniques, public relation programs, media research methods, and media publicity.

Dr. Naglaa has experience in the quality assurance field. She worked as a Head of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Canadian International College (CIC) in Egypt. She took many courses in the quality assurance field like Course File Auditing, Strategic planning, and institutional accreditation. Now, she works as head of the College- Quality Assurance Committee (C-QAC) in the Administrative and Financial College.

She has worked as a director and scriptwriter in The Egyptian Television (ERTU) since 1997. She directed about 25 documentary films and hundreds of live events. She worked as a journalist for three years in many Egyptian and Arabic journals.

Research Interest

Dr. Naglaa conducted many types of research in Mass Media and Public relations; she focused in her research on the impact of the Mass Media on the youth. She also participated in many Arabic and International conferences in the public relations field.

Selected Publication

    • New research trends on the effects of traditional and new media on youth values, international journal of media and mass communication, Vol.1, Isuue.2, 2020.
    • The Promotion Strategies and Methods of Persuasion Used to Promote Cultural Tourism in Egypt in the Light of Modern Information and Communication Technology, an analytical and applied study, the Egyptian Journal of Media Research, March 2018.
    • The Limits of the Role of the New Media in the Mobilization of Political Participation, an Applied Study on a Sample of the Youth who Participated in the Presidential Elections of 2018, the Egyptian Journal of Media Research, July 2018
    • The Impact of Social Networks Sites on Influencing the Value of Youth, a Field Study in the Light of the Theory of Technological Determinism, the Second International Conference on CIC under the title: The Impact of New Media on Arab Societies, Studies, and Visions for the Future, 3 – 4 May 2017.
    • The Role of Modern Communication Technology in the Management of Cultural Media Institutions and Their Relation to The Level of Media Production, Journal of Public Relations and Advertising, No. 10 April / June 2017.
    • Evaluation of the Egyptian Elite for the Treatment of the Governmental and Private Media for Terrorist Events in the Light of their Social Responsibility and their Attitudes Towards Activating the Strategies of Media and Security Confrontations, Journal of Public Relations and Advertising, December 2017.
    • The Role of the Traditional and Modern Sports Media in Rejecting the Culture of Intolerance and Sports Violence Among the Egyptian youth, an applied study on a sample of communicators in the sports media and the Egyptian elite in the sports field, the sixth international conference entitled: Sports in the Face of Crime 2017, Dubai, 17-19 January 2017.
    • The role of the new media in changing the value system of the Egyptian youth. The Egyptian Journal of Public Relations Research and Advertising, Issue 8 October / December 2016.
    • The Role of the New Media in Changing the Value System of Young People, an applied study on the Egyptian Youth; the forum of the countries of Abdelhamid Ben Badis, Mostaganem, Algeria, the fourth forum which titled: “New Media and the Value System: visions and future”, from 09 – 10 December 2016.
    • The attitude of the Egyptian Elite Towards Social Networks as a Mechanism for Creating Political Mobility Within Society, Journal of Media Research, Issue 41, January 2014.
    • Media Treatment of the Referendum Issue on the Constitution and its Impact on Youth – The First Scientific Conference of Al-Azhar University entitled with; Media and Democratic Transformation, January 2013.


    • Production of Documentary Films, Eldar Almasria Elibnania publisher, (2017).
    • The Art of Television Editing, the steps to work on Final Cut Pro 7, Eldar Almasria Elibnania publisher 2013.
    • Media documentation and its Applications in Various Media Fields – Modern Library, 2012.
    • Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising, the library of 6 October 2014.
    • Fundamentals of Marketing, 6th October University Library, 2014.

Other Interest & Activities

Dr. Naglaa enjoys reading novels, participating in community services, traveling, engaging in volunteer work, and sports.