Current Position: Associate Professor
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Title: Associate Professor
Department: Administrative Science


    • PhD in Human Resource Management, University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia, 2016.
    • Master Science in Human Resource Management, University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia, 2010. Post studies: Bachelor in English Language & Literature, Irbid Private University, Jordan, 2005

Professional Membership

    • Higher Education Academic Fellowship (FHEA).
    • Editor Member at Revista Argentina de Clínica Psicológica. Open Access. Impact Factor 2020: 0.508. One of American Psychological Association APA journals.
    • Topic Editors at Frontiers in Psychology.
    • Editor Member at Annals of Contemporary Developments in Management & HR (ACDMHR) editorial board. It is published by the International Association for Educators and Researchers (IAER) which is a CIC (Community Interest Company) i.e. a low-profit organization, registered in England and Wales.
    • Managing Editor at International Journal of Intellectual Human Resource Management (IJIHRM).
    • Reviewer at International Journal – Foundations of Management (FoM)
    • Fellow of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
    • Fellow of the
    • Reviewer at Sage Open.

Teaching & Learning Statement

Dr. Mahmood involves students in understanding the current real-world situations in every course he teaches. He focuses on the relevance and usefulness of the course materials. For instance, he always rises some current cases and issues at the beginning of each course which somehow can be solved and discussed at the end of the course. Therefore, students can be part of these issues and try to solve it after they gain the proper knowledge during the class.


Dr. Mahmood is an associate Professor of Human Resource Management at Gulf University. He is also the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Gulf University. He was an International Trainer at Saudi Electronic University for Doroob Training Project, International Trainer at CINPAA International Cooperative for New Pedagogy, Training & Consulting in Malaysia (Training Industrial Psychology, Leadership, HRM, & Organizational Behavior), and Head of Counselling and Student Activities Department at Al-Madinah International University.

Research Interest

Dr. Mahmood’s research interests focus on HRM and Employment Relationship in the context of globalization, and in particular, issues on strategic HRM, Organizational Psychology, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, HRM Functions, Green HRM and diversity at the workplace. The aim of his research is to contribute to the knowledge set of HRM. Moreover, he contributes to the labor market on designing and conducting ethical and effective HRM practices to gain competitive and sustainable advantages and to provide green HR environment.

Selected Publication

    • Al-Omari, M. A., AlZgool, M. R. H., Ahmed, U., Pahi, M. H., & AlMaamary, Q. (2022). Exploring the Nexus Between E-Business Processes and Organizational Performance: Can Technological Opportunism Play Any Role? Frontiers in Psychology, 13.
    • AlZgool, M., Ahmed, U., Shah, S., Alkadash, T., & AlMaamary, Q. (2021). Going green during COVID-19: Examining the links between green HRM, green supply chain and firm performance in food Industry of Bahrain: The moderating role of lockdown due to COVID-19. Uncertain Supply Chain Management, 9(1), 79-88.
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    • International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (ICSTEM) Stockholm, Sweden, July 05 -06 2022, The Nexus Between Anxiety of Corona Pandemic and Employee Work Stress: The Moderating Role Of Leaders Emotional Intelligence In Telecommunication Companies In Bahrain.
    • International Conference on Human Resource Management (ICHRM) 28-29 Nov 2020, Understanding the relationship between Green Human Resource Management and Green Performance: The moderating role of Green Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence.
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