Message from Director


Welcome to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at Gulf University, a symbol of creativity and innovative spirit in the heart of the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are dedicated to reveal everyone’s potential, guiding them on their journey from innovative ideas to successful initiatives, so they can contribute significantly to our nation’s economic vitality and variation.

Our center is at the head of addressing local and regional challenges through targeted research in entrepreneurship and small business development. By encouraging a collaborative system that includes government bodies, and private entities, our aim is to create a dialogue that doesn’t meet only the corporate social responsibilities but also empowers our aspiring entrepreneurs.

We believe in the power of youthful energy and innovation.

Our passion is to guide young minds to figure out and accomplish their entrepreneurial dreams. By encouraging our students to transform their ‘ideas’ into practical businesses, we are contributing to their personal growth and in the socio-economic development of Bahrain and beyond.

Join us on this journey of discovery, innovation, and success.
Let’s innovate and shape the future together.

Dr. Marwan Milhem
Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, Gulf University