Message from Director


There’s never been a more critical period for innovation. We know that GU students, faculty, staff, and alumni can assist address difficult social, educational, and environmental concerns via innovation and entrepreneurial action. At GU Innovation & Entrepreneurship, we consider our role in this goal as twofold: assisting the university in teaching the next generation of entrepreneurial change-makers and assisting in the development and delivery of GU innovations to society for maximum effect.

We believe that entrepreneurship is for everyone, not only those who wish to establish a business or create a product. Developing an entrepreneurial attitude is beneficial to students regardless of their field of study or future plans. Students that get entrepreneurship and innovation education become more critical observers and more creative, capable of devising unique solutions to complex issues. They become action-oriented: disciplined, collaborative, and resourceful. They grow more likely and more capable of effecting change.

Together, we achieve more success and have a greater effect at every level of the innovation journey—from discovery to development to delivery. With regard to our mission of helping GU, and Bahrain. we continually push ourselves to be brave, inventive, and collaborative.

There’s never been a more important time for innovation. The world faces complex social, health, and environmental challenges—and we know GU students, faculty, staff, and alumni can help solve these challenges with innovation and entrepreneurial action.

Dr. Qais Almaamari
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center