Here it goes… “An esteemed Indian tabloid recently published an interview of Billgates where the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist mentioned that AI will be very beneficial for the doctors and tutors. So, when the world is debating the positive and negative aspects of AI tools and how it is going to affect our lives, this statement of Bill Gates certainly caught the attention of all.

The current decade has witnessed an enormous transfer in the application of AI tools in every sector, starting from education, health to business.  To the nincompoops like me who are still to discover AI tools, it is said that Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are software programs or platforms that apply AI methods to do tasks and resolve issues. AI solutions can enhance decision-making across a range of sectors and uses by automating procedures and analyzing data. Various artificial intelligence techniques, including chatbots, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more, can be employed by AI products.

It has been stated that AI has a place in education since technology has the power to improve equity and change educational systems. AI can also improve education by offering individualized exercises, real-time communication and feedback, and ongoing assessment and development. By conversational intelligence and support automation, artificial intelligence (AI) may also assist students in finding the answers to their queries swiftly and effectively. Artificial intelligence (AI) can carry out cognitive activities like problem solving, decision making, and natural language processing.

Amidst all the positive aspects of AI tools which provides ample opportunity for the students to learn and develop their skills, one question that keep haunting to many in the academic and professional circles leading to debate about the moral implications of implementing AI in research writing is “Does application of AI to write research papers compromise with the thought or concept of the topic?

It is certain that students would utilize it to compose term papers, pros would use artificial intelligence (AI) to scribble assignments for them, and so on. Regretfully, these occurrences are inevitable. But artificial intelligence (AI) can still be a useful tool. Anyone can delegate the labor-intensive tasks of brainstorming, organization, and research to an AI chatbot. It would be appropriate to say that AI writing tools would give “educated” guesses of the possible answer suitable to the context based on our history of typing in a particular application, confirming that it studies our behavioral habits. It can never replace real writers as it lacks the ability to create emotional and engaging content. However, it can certainly assist in elevating writing skills. Thus, use of AI tools as a boon or a curse solely depends on the users. Hence, understanding AI writing software and how it works is an important part of knowing what you can and should be using it for.

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