The project will act as a smart mobility solution for the blind while crossing the roads and during their movement in their homes in order to prevent collision with any object that impedes their movement during the walk, as it will vibration when they approach any stereoscope as a means of warning, and the connectivity system will send a single for mobile app in case the person moves from one place to other as a tracking system, additional to that, the vibration will be activated automatically once place, object increases near it. It also will provide three vibrations patterns for three directions (Left, Right, Front). The packing is designed as a sustainable product with an extended lifecycle as a reusable solution (door-mate) equipped with wireless charging and eco-friendly smart textile. The product as a set of innovative solutions offers shoes, caps, and hand bands.  The benefit of Oculusmart will provide innovative solutions for blinds to move without fear.  MAB (Mobility Aid for Blind) company will be a specialist in innovative technologies and human-centered design for blinds.