The Department of Architectural and Interior Design Engineering, College of Engineering at Gulf University – Kingdom of Bahrain, is organizing the first edition- 2022 of the International Conference on “Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Architectural and Interior Design Environments”.

The aim of the IDE International Conference is to create a collaborative scientific platform for scholars, researchers and professionals to be focused on a multidisciplinary thinking, through a dynamic framework for academia-industry collaborations to co-think, generate reflections and design “new possible” related to local and international global technological challenges relevant to sustainable architectural and interior design environments.

This first edition-2022 of the IDE International conference is to examine the latest innovations and trends in engineering and technology, implemented towards major changes in state of the sustainable architectural and interior design environments. Themes for the conference have revolved around the conceptual and technical “interconnections” between, sustainable-development thinking, Design processes, building technologies and engineering trends, innovation and education “territories” transformation towards resilient architectural and interior design environments, considering social, cultural and behavioral systems.