A remarkable achievement for GU to be qualified for the prestigious sustainable ranking, UI GreenMetric Ranking 2023. GU has demonstrated exceptional performance by attaining the top position among private universities in Bahrain and an impressive second position overall in the research and education category. 

This outstanding achievement serves as a testament to GU’s firm commitment towards the realization of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Additionally, GU has attained the second rank in the Energy & Climate Change category, further showcasing its dedication to energy conservation and addressing climate change. 

GU’s dedication to sustainability and its significant contributions to research and education have propelled it to this remarkable position. This accomplishment not only showcases GU’s leadership in sustainable practices but also underscores its active role in advancing the global sustainability agenda set forth by the SDGs.

“The UI GreenMetric World University Rankings serve as a significant indicator of GU’s steadfast dedication to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals,” states Prof. Mohannad, President of GU. He further emphasizes, this collective global effort undertaken by universities worldwide to improve sustainability in our operations and infrastructure is the testimony to our common goal of building a more prosperous world.”

Prof. Mohannad’s statement highlights the importance of the UI GreenMetric rankings as a reflection of GU’s alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It underscores the university’s commitment to sustainable practices and recognizes the collective efforts of universities globally to contribute to a more sustainable future.