Current Position: Dean of college
Email Address:
Title: Professor
College: LAW
Department: Law Studies


    • PhD of fundamentals of religion University of Baghdad, 2004.
    • Master of fundamentals of religion University of Baghdad, 2001.
    • B.Sc. of fundamentals of religion University of Baghdad, 1998.

Professional Membership

    • Fellow UK Higher Education Academy/UK.
    • Fellow Institute of International Education/USA.
    • Institute of Hadeeth Sciences/ Iraq.
    • Institute of Iraqi Scholars & Academician/Iraq.

Teaching & Learning Statement

My teaching philosophy centers around active learning, student-centric, concerned with students’ inclinations, needs, abilities, and aptitudes, and is in line with it; through these activities, students achieve growth and acquire information and skills. Also, collaborative and project-based learning, teaching the employability skills of the students.


My specialization in philosophy of the history of religions and language has enabled me to work at an academic and professional level Since 2002. I worked in the Department of teaching methods – Islamic studies, Faculty of Education, University of Mustansiriya, Iraq-Baghdad, as a lecturer within the teaching staff once I obtained a master’s degree. In 2001, I worked as an assistant professor and head of the department after completing my PhD. In 2004, I started working as an assistant professor at the Iraqi University in Baghdad in October 2006. once I obtained an associate professor degree, In 2008, I started working as a supervisor and teaching postgraduate (Master’s and PhD). In 2011 I started working at the Royal Institute for Religious Studies, Amman – Jordan; that year, I became a member of the Institute of International Education – America. In 2013 I started working at the University of Applied Sciences – Bahrain, and in 2020 I started working at the Gulf University as an associate professor.

During my professional work, I took part in many workshops in the fields of learning and education, modern teaching methods, and many conferences and workshops in my scientific specialty. All of the above resulted greatly increasing my experience and knowledge and allowed me to apply what I learned from the theories of teaching methods during my academic work.

Research Interest

My areas of interest and research include Hadith Sciences, History, Heritage, and thematic studies. I also participated in many Arabic and International conferences.

I have hundreds of newspaper articles and several television programs in the political field.

Selected Publication

    • Considerate the public opinion in the political field. (Book)
    • Prophetic innovation in educational methods.
    • The Prophet’s Dialogue with the Jews (Means, Reasons, and Methods).
    • Practical means to Reverence and respect for the elderly in the light of the Sunnah.


Television production in the virtual studio- Dar Osama for Publishing and Distribution- Amman Jordan 2015.

Other Interest & Activities

I am interested in going into different training courses in the academic and practical fields. I love photography and make a private gallery for this or participate. I present many workshops for Television channels as a volunteer on videography and Editing, and I like to travel worldwide; for this reason, I already worked in many countries.