About Department

The Legal Studies Department at the College of Law was established in its endeavor to prepare distinguished graduates in law while keeping pace with the future needs of the Gulf, Arab and international legal profession. The department aspires to be a prominent and distinguished source of education, scientific research and community engagement within the field of law.

The Legal Studies Department seeks to provide an education in law, interdisciplinary studies of law and beyond. We recognize the significance of law and the legal actors and their ability to transform society. Legal Studies focus on the complex nature of the interaction between law and social contexts in order to explore the structure of law, including its rules, agents, institutions and power structures.

In the department, we are keen to provide a stimulating learning environment that contributes to promoting a comprehensive model of education and scientific research that is continually evolving in line with the latest professional and practical standards. We focus on creating future leaders capable of facing challenges and meeting the aspirations of the Bahraini, Gulf and Arabic society, competing in the labor market and participating effectively in attaining sustainable development goals.