Current Position: Assistant Professor
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Title: Assistant Professor
College: Communication & Media Technologies
Department: Media and Marketing Technology
Specialization (General): Branding, Marketing, Brand Management, Media and Communications
Specialization (Specific): Branding


    • Ph.D. in Communications (Branding Speciality) – Catholic University of Portugal – Lisbon, 2023
    • Master: Business Psychology, University of East London – London UK. 2014
    • Bachelor of Communications, Edith Cowan University – Perth, Western Australia. 2009

Professional Membership

    • Member International Association of Media and Communications
    • Member Human Capital Institute – Washington

Teaching & Learning Statement

As an educator and business advisor for the past decade, I have prided myself on being a passionate advocate for academic growth and tangible personal development. While completing multiple educational and advising assignments throughout my career, I have strived to combine my academic knowledge with real-life market experiences and my deep passion for marketing, branding, and communications to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. My teaching philosophy is based on equipping students with the knowledge and confidence they need to become independent, lifelong learners. One of my greatest joys as an educator and advisor is witnessing the growth and success of my students.


Since 2010, Dr. Tarik Alhassan has been an expert in marketing, branding, and communications, as well as being an expert and lecturer in these subjects. Dr. Alhassan has worked on successful branding, marketing, advertising, and strategy development projects for some of the largest organizations in the world, including La Liga, English Premiere League, Qatar Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, KJO (KSA), Lexus, Toyota, Chery, McDonald’s, Marina Media, UNWTO, and other companies in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Along with these projects, Dr. Alhassan has collaborated with governments including the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Croatia, Ukraine, Denmark, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand working on place branding/tourism & investments and cultural promotions projects in different locations in the Middle East and the EU.

This makes it easier for Dr. Alhassan to discuss various real-world instances with students in the classroom, which helps them combine academic and practical experiences from different markets. 

Dr. Alhassan has been a visiting lecturer and a guest lecturer in different universities in Kuwait, Australia, UK, Spain, and Portugal lecturing about nation branding, country branding, branding, brand management, organizational sustainability through branding, and AI.

Research Interest

Branding, Nation Branding, Place Branding, Neuromarketing, Marketing Psychology.

Selected Publication

Dr. Alhassan has different studies and publications on nation branding examining other countries including Portugal, Spain, South Africa, KSA, UAE, and Egypt in collaboration with the International Center of Culture and Innovation in Lisbon, Portugal.