Current Position: Assistant Professor
Email Address:
Research Field of Interest: Public Relation and Advertising
Title: Assistant Professor
College: Communication and Media Technologies
Department: Media and Public Relations
Specialization (General): Mass Communication
Specialization (Specific): Public Relation and Adverting


    • Ph.D. in Advertising & Public Relations, Faculty of Mass Communication. Helwan University, Egypt, 2011.
    • Master: Advertising & Public Relations, Faculty of Mass Communication Helwan University, Egypt, 2007
    • Bachelor of Advertising & Public Relations, Faculty of Mass Communication. Cairo University, Egypt, 1994.
    • Diploma in digital Media from American university in Cairo ,2022-2023
    • Diploma in Graphic and production of media publications from the Russian Cultural Center in Cairo 2010-2011.
    • Specialist Diploma in Print Media Translation from the American University in Cairo, 2008-2009.
    • Specialist Diploma in Public Relations from AUC & (CIPR),Chartered Institute for Public Relations in London, 2008-2009.

Professional Membership

    • Member of the Egyptian Association for Public Relations
    • Member at Egyptian Advertising Association
    • Member at Alumni Association of Cairo University
    • Member at Association of graduates of the College of Information

Teaching & Learning Statement

Dr. Merhan has worked as a public relations instructor since 2011. She uses many useful teaching methods like lectures, class discussions, debates, role-playing, and problem-solving. DR.Merhan  believes in creating an effective learning environment that encourage students to be more aware in practical side which suites with market’s needs, that’s mean that all syllabus should contain a practical side which is help the students to understand the syllabus well and applied it in work field.


  1. Merhan worked as an assistant professor at the College of Media and Humanities, University of Ajman, at UAE for 5 years, In addition, she worked in many other private universities at UAE & Also she worked for 3 years as assistant professor at the College of Media at PHAROS university Alexandria ,  and many other universities in Egypt.

She has teaching experience in Introduction to Public Relations, Introduction to Advertising, Media in the UAE, PR Writing, , International Advertising, Organizational Communication, Etiquette and Protocol Techniques, Public Relations and Advertising management , Media Production, Ethics of Public Relations and Advertising, Integrated Marketing Communications, Special Topic in Public Relations, International Public Relations, Public Relations and Crisis Management, Planning Public Relations Campaigns, Special Topic in Marketing Communications, Communication Theory, Consumer Behavior, Media Ethics and Legislation, Introduction to Communication, The Art of Persuasion, & Crisis Communications.

Dr. Merhan has experience in the quality assurance field. She worked in Assurance Committee in Ajman university & at Al Ain University &at pharos university, also She took many courses in the quality assurance field and many other courses which is developed instructor tools in academic work,Also ; dr.Merhan has worked as a journalist for 9 years at al Bayan Newspaper in UAE  and Many other newspaper  ,also she worked as a researcher’s in public relations & advertising field.

Research Interest

Dr. MERHAN  interested Mainly in  Public relations; organization communicates, CSR, digital media, infographics , social media  & Crisis Management.

Selected Publication

    • The experience of distance education studying its application to Pharos University in Alexandria, Journal of the union of Arab universities for media & communication technology Research ,issue no.9,July -December 2022
    • “Digital Government Communication Strategies in Bahrain during Risks ….A study on Covid 19-Pedamic” Public Relations Research Magazine, Middle East,(38),April 2022
    • The effectiveness of integrated social responsibility practices and their role in achieving sustainability in the banking sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Case study, Public Relations Research Magazine, Middle East,(39)July 2022
    • “Evaluation of the communication methods used in e-learning during the Corona pandemic, and their effectiveness for students … a case study”. Public Relations Research Magazine, Middle East,(29),2020.

    • “The Relations Between using celebrities in advertising to the public and their attitudes towards the brand – field study” . Public Relations Research Magazine, Middle East,(26), 2020.

    • Effectiveness of CRM through social media … Case study on Toyota, The Arab Journal of Media and Communication,(21),2019.

    • Methods and practices of electronic participation and social communication in government agencies, the United Arab Emirates as a model, Journal of Public Relations Research – College of Mass Communication, Cairo University, (16),2018.

    • Evaluation of students to study the specialization of media in English and its impact on their Arabic language,” field study “, Public Relations Research Magazine, Middle East,(19), 2018.

    • Communication response to airlines crisis times and their role in protecting the reputation of the brand – case studies on Arab and global crises – Journal of Public Relations Research – College of Mass Communication – October / December 2016.

    • The Role of Social Media in Supporting Social Responsibility Programs – Case Study on Etihad Airways – Public Relations Research Magazine, Middle East, Issue 10, March 2016.

    • Communication strategies for organizations through social networking sites in the management of their reputation“, an applied study on Dubai Police 2015, Public Relations Research Magazine, Middle East, Journal, March 2015.

Conferences, Workshops

    • Workshop entitled “Training to academic staff in use program to assess the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) at Al Ain University for Science and Technology, Thursday, 9/11/2017.
    • Training Program entitled “Effective Teaching Methods” course, 14-15 March 2015, University of Ajman.
    • Training Program entitled “Excellence in Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education (Advanced Level)”, November 2014, Ajman University.
    • Training Program entitled “Excellence in Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education”, May 2014, Ajman University.
    • Training program entitled “Using Educational Technology to Improve Teaching and Learning Methods”, 15-22 March 2014.
    • Training program entitled “Conflict Resolution”, 3-4 July 2013, Ajman University.
    • Training Course entitled “Time Management”, 25 May 2013, Ajman University.


    • Published Publication 2021“corporates communications through new social media” “, Dar Al-Alam Al-Arabi, Cairo.
    • Published Publication 2017, Creative Advertising Strategies, Dar Al-Nahda Al-Arabiya, UAE, Cairo.
    • Published publication 2014 “Communication Strategies for Reputation Management of Organizations”, Dar Al-Alam Al-Arabi, Cairo.


Media Articles:

    • “Green Economy, Responsibility for Community Media” Al Madina Al Basma Magazine, Sharjah Municipality, March 2015.
    • “Managing the Reputation of Organizations through Social Responsibility”, Masshar Public Relations and Advertising Journal, College of Media and Humanities, Ajman University, April 2015.

Membership of discussion Committees Of Master Thesis:

    • Member of the Committee on the discussion of Master Thesis at the University of Sharjah, entitled “The relationship between the use of social networking sites and real personal relationships”, College of Communication, University of Sharjah, May 2017.
    • Member of the committee of discussing the master thesis at the University of Sharjah, entitled “The relationship between the government communication department and the media, a study on government departments in the Emirate of Sharjah, College of Communication, University of Sharjah”, June 2017.