Current Position: Teaching Staff Member
Email Address:
Research Field of Interest: Radio and TV
Title: Assistant Professor
College: Communication & Media Technologies
Department: Media and Public Relations
Specialization (General): Media
Specialization (Specific): Radio and TV


    • PHD in Philosophy in Media /Radio and Television –  Saint Petersburg – Saint Petersburg State University- Russian Federation 1998.
    • Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree in International Journalism, Saint Petersburg – Saint Petersburg State University- Saint Petersburg – Russian Federation 1993.

Professional Membership

    • Fellow UK Higher Education Academy.
    • Member of Jordanian Journalists Association.

Teaching & Learning Statement

Dr. Ahmad’s teaching and learning philosophy aims at developing the creative aspect of students and encourages them to present their talents using appropriate interactive methods such as discussion and team projects. In order to ensure that students are familiar with the tools of radio and television production, the first lecture begins with getting to know what the students are familiar with in terms of radio and television production. Based on a diagnostic assessment of their overall familiarity with the course, the general review is used as a reminder of the pre-requisite skills needed for successful completion of the course. My teaching design and strategies are heavily focused on cooperative learning techniques that involve having students work together to enhance their own, and each other’s learning.


Dr. Ahmed Al-Tawalbeh has many academic and professional experiences in various media fields, whether in the field of specialization in radio and television or in the areas of photography, design or post-production, after working in the professional field in various positions in many media institutions as a specialist in radio, television, graphic and advertising and public relations. Dr. Ahmed joined the academic work field in 2008. Since that time, Dr. Tawalbeh has been working in the field of radio and television in universities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Kingdom of Bahrain. During this period, he obtained administrative and academic experience through being the HoD of the Media and Public Relations Department and a director of the Media Center at the Gulf University. He also taught several courses in the fields of radio, television, and graphic design.

Research Interest

Dr. Ahmed Tawalbeh’s doctoral thesis included the subject of research in the field of cinema. The interests of Dr. Ahmed range between cinema, drama and electronic media.

Selected Publication

    • Dissertation, Doctor of Philosophy, Philology & Media at the Chair of Radio and TV of the Faculty of Philology 1998
    • The Russian Documentary, Past Current, and Future Paper 1997
    • The Russian Documentary, Past Current, and Future Paper 1997
    • The Nature of Jordanian TV, People, Environment, and Society 1996
    • The Women Role in the Arabic Cinema 1995
    • Ahmed Tawalbeh. (2016) Media misinformation in the means of social communication and its role in shaping the attitudes of students of private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain – Journal of Faculty of Arts, Sohag University – Issue 41
    • Ahmed Tawalbeh. (2018) The reality of the use of academics in private Bahraini universities for electronic publishing on the Internet and its impact on scientific production – under publication
    • Ahmed Tawalbeh. (2019) The impact of the use of visual dramas as a method of teaching and learning in higher education – under publication