Current Position: Assistant professor, Director of Community Engagement and Continuing Education Centre 
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Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Administrative Science


    • PhD in Business Management, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia, 2015.
    • Master of Human Resource Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia, 2011.
    • Bachelor of Business Administration, Al-Azhar University- Gaza, Palestine, 2008.

Teaching & Learning Statement

My philosophy in teaching is to engage students and motivate them to learn and understand the current real-world situations in every course I teach. I focus on the relevance and usefulness of the course material. For instance, I always rise up some current cases and issues at the beginning of each course which somehow can be solved and discussed at the end of the course. Therefore, students can be part of these issues and try to solve it after they gain the proper knowledge during the class, plus continuous feedback, and evaluation in each session (assessment for learning). in addition, I use an array of learning tools to inspire engagement, participation, and a sense of fun into the classroom.


Dr. Dawwas is working as Assistant Professor and Director of Community Engagement and Continuing Education Centre. In addition, Dr. Dawwas is working as Chair of The College Quality Assurance Committee. During his working years of experience, he demonstrated a history of teaching educational Human Resource Management, Business Administration courses, and supervised postgraduate students. Dr. Dawwas was Freelance Trainer at Global center for Training and Development, The Invest Center, Projacs, delivered several coursed related to Human Resource Management, Leadership, Communication Skills, Organizational Change, Time Management, The Secrets of Successful Management, and The Secrets of Personal Success.

Research Interest

My research interest focuses on Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Organizational Behavior, Social Responsibility, Leadership and Strategic Management.

Selected Publication

    • Dawwas, M. I. (2022). The Relationship Between HR Practices, Personality, and perceived organizational support. Baltic Journal of Law & Politics, 15(1), 305-330.
    • Dawwas, M. I. (2022). The Relationship between HRM Practices, Ethical Climate, and Turnover Intention. Baltic Journal of Law & Politics, 15(1), 331-351.
    • Dawwas, M. I. (2022). The Relationship between Talent Management Practices, Organizational Justice, and Employee Engagement. Specialusis Ugdymas, 1(43), 2084-2104.
    • Dawwas, M. I. (2022). Employee perception of Talent Management Practices and Employee Engagement: A Multiple Mediator Model. Specialusis Ugdymas, 1(43), 2105-2134.
    • Dawwas, M. I., & Zahare, I. (2014). Testing the relationship between turnover intention and human resource practices in a non-western context of the Palestine. J Adv Soc Res, 4(6), 10-22.‏
      Dawwas, M., & Zahare, I. (2014). Testing the direct and indirect relationship between human resource management and turnover intention in a non-Western context of the Palestine. Islamic and Human Advanced Research, 4(2), 55-73.‏