Current Position: Assistant Professor
Email Address:
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Administrative Science


    • PhD in Human Resource Management, University Science Islam Malaysia -USIM, Malaysia, 2019.
    • Master of Business Administration 2011; Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) – Malaysia
    • Bachelor’s degree 2006, Sana’a University – Yemen

Professional Membership

    • Managing Editor of International Journal of Intellectual Human Resource Management (IJIHRM)
    • Arabic Researcher ID (ARID) – Malaysia
    • Ofuq Academy – Malaysia
    • A reviewer for Journal of Critical Reviews
    • A reviewer at Journal: Educational Management Administration & Leadership (EMAL)
    • A reviewer at Journal: The European Scientific Journal (ESJ)
    • A reviewer for ICMeSH2020 (International Conference for Management, Social Sciences and Humanities 2020)
    • A reviewer at Conferences: International Scientific Forum (ALMAHFAL) at ARID platform Academy.

Teaching & Learning Statement

Dr Mohammed looks forward to providing students with an education that will help to transform them into better and effective people. In addition, he focuses on student-centered learning approaches, considering the diversity of the student group by engaging in small group assignments, project-based learning, and brainstorming and so on. Thus, his teaching philosophy is to make each lecture as interactive as possible. He believes that interactive teaching is more interesting and memorable. In this role, his goal is to help the students to analyze, evaluate and critically reflect on their own experiences rather than simply transfer knowledge.


Dr. Mohammed is an assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at Gulf University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at UTHM – Malaysia. In addition, he held the position of technical support at ARID and executive manager of the International Scientific Forum of Conferences (Almahfal) – Malaysia, 2018 – 2020. Further, he held a position as a teacher in the Ministry of Education in Yemen.

Research Interest

Dr. Mohamed’s major research expertise is based on quantitative methodologies. His research focuses on human resources and strategic management in addition to his focus on educational leadership with a focus on management issues.

Selected Publication

    • Impact of Safety Culture on Safety Performance; Mediating Role of Psychosocial Hazard: An Integrated Modelling Approach. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18, 8568.
    • Alzoraiki, M.& Ahmed, A (2021). Strategic Agility and Intellectual Capital towards Organizational Performance in Higher Education Institutions. IBIMA.
    • Alzoraiki, M. S. M. & Ahmed, A. (2021). Towards The Sustainable Teaching Quality Through School Culture and Teachers’ Commitment Using Pls- Sem Approach. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 8(2), 84-87.
    • Ahmed G. M. & Alzoraiki M. (2020). Impact of Safety Culture and Psychosocial Hazard on Safety Performance Among Upstream Employees in the Oil and Gas Sector of Malaysia. Solid State Technology, 63(6), 4120-4126.
    • Ahmed G. M. & Alzoraiki M. (2020). Enhancement of Employees Performance via Professional Training and Development: A Study on Oil and Gas Companies Operating in Yemen, International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research Volume 9, Issue 06, June 2020issn 2277-8616,
    • Alzoraiki, M., Rahman, O. B. A., & Mutalib, M. A. (2018). The Effect of the Dimensions of Transformational Leadership on the Teachers’ Performance in the Yemeni Public Schools. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 14(25), 322.


    • From Strategy to Strategic Agility. (Under UTHM Publisher)
    • Introduction to Strategic Management, Concepts, and Tools (Under UTHM Publisher)

Conferences Proceedings

Participated as Presenter

    • The role of transformational leadership and school culture in influencing educational quality in Yemeni public schools. Paper presented at the third international conference on social science and humanities. 29-30 December 2018, Hotel Bangi Putrajaya, Malaysia
    • A review on Transformational leadership and environment work quality’’. Paper presented at 1st international research conference on economics business and social science April 12-13, 2016, Penang Malaysia.
    • Transformational Educational Leadership and Teacher Motivation: A Conceptual Review. Poster presented at Academic International Dialogue – National conference on the Sciences and social science (NACOSS2016), 16 November 2016 – Malaysia.
    • Service quality and students’ satisfaction at (USIM). Paper presented at 12th international conference Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2-3 May 2016.

Conferences Attendee

    • Participant At 10th Knowledge Management International Conference (Kmice2021). 1 February 2021
    • Attendance at the 6th International Conference on Social, Humanities, and Linguistic Sciences that held on 18th – 21st April 2020, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
    • Attendance at the 6th International Conference on Sustainable Development, held on 18th – 21st April 2020, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
    • Attendance at the Ninth session of the World Urban Forum that held on 7 – 13 Feb 2018, Kuala Lumpur
    • The scientific season for conferences, workshops, and exhibitions in Malaysia ISSCW2017 held on 20-30 April 2017

Participated as Committee organizer:

    • The Sixth Arid International Scientific Forum ISF2020 – Almahfal, 18th – 21th April 2020, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
    • Arid International Scientific Forum AISF2019, 23-27 November 2019, Bangi Resort Hotel, Malaysia
    • The Fourth International Conference on Social Science and Humanities. 6-7 April 2019, Hotel Bangi Putrajaya, Malaysia
    • The Third International Conference on Social Science and Humanities. 29-30 December 2018, Hotel Bangi Putrajaya, Malaysia
    • The scientific Season for Conference, Workshop, and Exhibitions in Turkey ISSCWE 2016, 25-27 October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey.
    • The First international conference of the manuscripts and historical documents in Malaysia 27-28 April 2016, USIM. Malaysia

Academic Achievements and Rewards:

    • Awarded the Medal of the Activist Researcher in Organization from ARID Platform for Arab Researchers 2020. my/0001-1491
    • Awarded a Distinguished Researcher Medal from ARID Platform for Arab Researchers 2019.
    • Awarded the Medal of the Entrepreneur Researcher from the ARID Platform for Arab Researchers 2016. my/0001-1491