Current Position: Director of Innovation and Enterpreneur Center.
Email Address:
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Administration Sciences


    • Doctor of Philosophy – Human Resource Management, University of UniSZA, Malaysia, 2020.
    • Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, University Utara Malaysia 2009.
    • Bachelor’s degree from College of Business in Marketing, AL-Najah University 2004.
    • Diploma in Using the Balance Scorecard Effective Strategy, University of Oxford 2009.

Professional Membership

    • Reviewer in International Journal of Intellectual Human Resource Management (IJIHRM).
    • Editorial Board Members in Journal of STEPS in Business Excellence.
    • Member of Research Gate Network.
    • Member in Google Scholar.
    • Member of IEEE (2072352) 6.
    • Member of Web of Science.
    • Member of Scopus preview 8.
    • Member of ORCID.

Teaching & Learning Statement

My teaching goal is to facilitate students’ learning process in the classroom, I have been actively involved in teaching and training courses in various areas that related to the field of Human Resource Management which are Work Ethics, Employability Skills, Organizational Behavior, Improving Performance of teamwork, Planning and Mortaring, Principles of Business Management, Work Performance Management, and Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

As a teacher, l am responsible for providing guidance to my students throughout the semester.

 My objective is to allow my students exploring and improving their own learning experience since learning is the key element that will lead to behavior change.


My practical and teaching experience extends over 15 years in the field of Human Resource Management, HR Planning & Recruitment Processes, Total Quality Management, Compensation &Benefits, HR Policy and Procedure, Performance Management, Job Analysis, Training and Development, Organizational Behavior, Strategic HRM, Principles of Business Management, Planning and Monitoring Teamwork, Diversity at workplace, and HR guiding &Counselling.

Research Interest

My research area of interest is focused on Leadership Styles, Employee Engagement, HRM, OB, HR Planning, Training and Development, Employees performance, HRIS, Emotional intelligence, and Employees performance.

Selected Publication

    • The Effect of Perceived Transformational Leadership Style on Employee Engagement: The Mediating Effect of Leader’s Emotional Intelligence. Foundations of Management, 11(1), 33-42. Milhem, M. M., Muda, H., & Ahmed, K. (2019).

    • The Effect of Perceived Transactional Leadership Style on Employee Engagement in Palestinian ICT Industry. Journal of Advanced Research in Business and Management Studies, 14(1), 42-51. Milhem, M., Muda, H., & Ahmed, K. (2019).

    • The Impact of Transformational Leadership Style on Employee Engagement: Using Structural Education Modeling (SEM). International Journal of Modern Trends in Social Sciences, 2(8), 162-173.

    • The Relationship Between Team Training Components and Team Performance Effectiveness, Milhem, M. M. (2009).  (Master dissertation).

Other Interest & Activities

    • Reading
    • Travelling
    • Swimming
    • Playing Football