Department News

The department of Accounting and Finance has conducted its Spring Advisory board Council meeting with a group of esteemed and elite experts from the industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 27th of February 2019.  The Advisory expressed their pleasure about the revised program especially the technological courses as Finance technology and bid data analytics.

Mr. Alkhateeb, the external advisory board member, suggested having a strategic alliance and associates with well-established training professional body local providers i.e. BIBF etc. Professional programs Professional accreditations i.e. ACCA, CIMA as this gives the program a better position in the market and may reduce the cost.

Every year on November 10th, International Accountants Day serves as a chance to recognize the outstanding job accountants undertake to support the economy, ensure the success of organizations, and assist people in navigating the complexity of money. Therefore, the Gulf University celebrates this year on International Accountants’ Day to acknowledge the great work accountants do to make businesses thrive, support the economy, and help organizations grow. In this regard, Gulf University brings together the academicians financial accounting managers and accountants to hear from them about the opportunities and challenges that face accounting and finance works, share knowledge on the role that accountants play in our organizations, highlight the importance of accounting information system on enhancing the performance, and enlighten about the skills and practices that the market requires nowadays from accountants. The event will be on 23th November 2022, from 10 am to 12 pm, at the campus of gulf university.