Center Activities

Transformation of GU building toward sustainability: Daylight entrance optimization for all spaces, energy efficiency, fabric facade.

    • Green Campus: increase green areas/Green constructions/Greenhouse (local production), Green Roof.
    • GU FabLab for innovative and creative projects relevant to sustainability.
    • New life for 50 computers for internal use / for donation.
    • Waste management and Grey water Tanks.
    • Recycling.
    • Nonprint Campus.
    • Participation to local and international competitions/events relevant to sustainability.
    • Encouraging research and co-research projects relevant to sustainability at institutional level, involving instructors and students / Target for number publications.
    • Sustainability course for all programs at GU; as general course for Human Resources, Business, Accounting, Media, Interior Design Engineering supporting group work/interdisciplinary approaches for collaborative projects.
    • 03 courses relevant to Sustainability for IDE program; Sustainability, Sustainability Engineering & Design and Smart & Sustainable Interiors.
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (projects, courses, local, regional and international collaborative projects).
    • Research on Green HR.
    • Range of staff professional development activities relevant to sustainability.