Center Activities

    • Developing university strategic plan and operational plan
    • Monitoring progress against University KPIs
    • Preparing university annual report
    • Planning and leading the staff professional development activities
    • Providing training and workshops to develop skills and competences of staff
    • Managing orientation sessions for new staff
    • Organizing external training for staff
    • Conducting regular quality assurance reviews to ensure adherence with the University policies and procedures
    • Preparing and communicating quality audit reports with university management and audited units
    • Preparing the institution for national and international accreditation and supports the colleges in preparing for program accreditation
    • Developing and implementing appropriate and effective tracking mechanisms to measure the performance of the staff and University units.
    • Providing accurate and up-to-date data and analysis that defines the actual performance against the planed and targeted standards.
    • Performing extensive analysis and reporting in order to assist the University with evidence-driven strategic decision-making and best day-to-day operations.