The College of Engineering organized a site visit to the American Mission Hospital project supervised by Green Innova Company for the students who enrolled in the Interior Design Engineering Program, Mechanical Engineering Program, and Electrical & Electronic Engineering Program.

The students get knowledge about the benefits of solar energy from a wide range of perspectives, not only environmental but also economic, the types of inverters used, and the specifics of their mounting and securing. They had a chance to see the solar array in action on the roof of a business, where a single array of panels was powering the entire hospital. We also encountered the associated infrastructure such as wiring and electrical components and how those components are connected and mounted. They also learned a lot about the cost savings of the solar energy system and the long-term sustainability benefits.

The site visit was supervised by Dr. Oula Fatla, HOD of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Mohammed Alshekhly, faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department along with Dr. Walid Elfezzani, HOD of the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, and Dr. Shahad Al-Yousif, faculty member of the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department.

The instructors raised the importance of this visit to develop the students’ skills and to show them the different types of machines, their functions how does it work, and their applications in different engineering projects.