No Poverty

Gulf University aims to end poverty in all its forms, through various initiatives to achieve SDG1. The university is provide scholarships and financial aid to support students from low-income backgrounds, ensuring access to quality education. Engaging with local communities, Gulf University identifying their needs and provide workshops, training, designing donations initiatives and outreach activities to empower individuals and communities. Research and advocacy efforts are undertaken to understand the root causes of poverty and propose evidence-based solutions. Promoting entrepreneurship, job placement, and skill development programs can create economic opportunities and enhance employability. Sustainable development education is integrated into the curriculum to raise awareness and foster social responsibility. In future Collaborations with other institutions and organizations can facilitate knowledge sharing and joint initiatives. Monitoring and evaluation systems can measure the impact of interventions and guide future efforts to achieve this SDG. Through these actions and many more Gulf University is contributing to poverty alleviation and the achievement of overall SDG1.