1. Title: Dean of College
  1. Reporting:

The Dean shall report to Vice President for Academic Affairs.

3. Responsibilities:

The Dean of College shall be responsible for:

3.1 implementing University policies and procedures at the College.

3.2 executing University and College Councils’ decisions.

3.3 composing internal committees.

3.4 approving departmental recommendations.

3.5 supervising the teaching process in all Departments at the College and

ensuring performance of excellence.

3.6 supervising and monitoring students’ guidance and advising along with

their path till they are awarded the degrees.

3.7 overseeing course registrations by students.

3.8 approving courses to be offered each semester and the faculty members

assigned to teach them.

3.9 preparing College’s annual budget proposal.

3.10 supervising the execution of College’s research plan.

3.11 communicating with the communal constituents and coordinating activities

within the College to serve the community.

3.12 organizing annual induction of College’s faculty and staff to orient them

about University, HEC and BQA regulations and procedures.

3.13 involvement in University-wide strategic planning.

3.14 supervising the academic review process at the College.

3.15 submitting an annual report to the President about performance of the

College, its needs from faculty, equipment, and suggested plans for future


3.16 performing other duties as assigned by President of University or Vice

President for Academic Affairs.

4. Requirements:

4.1 In principle, the Dean is an academic of high professional reputation.

Dean’s qualifications include the following as stated in the Academic

Regulations of the Higher Education Council (HEC Decisions No. 2/2007

and No. 1/2014):

Job Description

· hold a PhD recognized by the Ministry of Education in Kingdom of

Bahrain and worked in the academic field for minimum of 4 years

after obtaining his/her PhD.

· have appropriate academic and administrative experience enabling

him to manage the institution.

· be of good conduct and has not been convicted in a criminal case or

has been sentenced to disciplinary action.

· be fit in terms of health.

· has not committed any act that would harm the reputation of the

Kingdom of Bahrain or harm its interests at home or abroad.

· should not hold post in any political association or be involved in

any activity of a political nature.

· not to exceed 60 years of age when taking office.

· s/he or any of his/her relatives up to the third degree are not the

owners or shareholders of the institution, and must submit a written

notarized statement before commencing his duties.

4.2 Gulf University, further recognizes the following qualifications for

nomination of Deans:

· high administrative, guiding, and systematic decision-making skills to

ensure Departments and staff accountability.

· ability to create and maintain effective work relationships with staff.

· ability to adapt to changes.

· excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills.

· good record in research and scholarly activities at higher educational


5. Nomination and Appointment:

5.1 The Dean shall be nominated by President of Gulf University in consultation

with the Board of Trustees; the candidates must satisfy the specifications

stated by the Higher Education Council (HEC Decisions No. 2/2007 and No.


5.2 The Dean shall be appointed by the General Secretary of Higher Education


5.3 The Dean shall be exempted from office by HEC in the following cases:

Job Description

5.3.1 has lost one of the conditions of appointment stated in Article (4.1) of

this document.

5.3.2 has not complied with the laws and regulations in force in the

Kingdom of Bahrain, particularly the Higher Education Law, the

regulations issued in implementation thereof, and the decisions issued

by the HEC.

5.3.3 was sentenced to prison or was sentenced to disciplinary action.

5.3.4 uses his office or the Institution for political, sectarian or doctrinal


5.3.5 does not abide by the values and traditions of the Kingdom of


6. Terms of Office:

In accordance with the regulations of the Higher Education Council, the term of

office of the Dean shall be four years renewable once upon approval by the

Higher Education Council.

7. Confidentiality:

Deans shall not reveal any confidential information related to Gulf University

unless authorized by the University President/Council. Deans shall sign the

‘Confidentiality Statement’ when appointed.

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