Current Position: Teaching Staff Member / Director of Sustainability & Development Makers Center
Email Address:
Title: Assistant Professor, PhD, FHEA-UK, IET-UK, CIBSE-SFE-UK
Department: Architectural and Interior Design Engineering Department
Specialization (General): Design Project Methodology, Industrial Design, Interior Design Engineering, Sustainability Engineering.
Specialization (Specific): Product design, industrial design, design thinking and life cycle design.


    • PhD. in Design Sciences and Technologies
    • Master’s degree (DEA) in Sciences and Techniques of Arts
    • Applied Arts Degree – Arts & Crafts Higher National Degree

Professional Membership

    • FHEA-UK Fellowship, Higher Education Academy- UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education.
    • IET-UK Associate Membership, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET-UK.
    • CIBSE “Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers – UK ” Membership, SFE Affiliation “Society of Facade Engineering – UK”.

Teaching & Learning Statement

In my teaching strategy, learner-centered approach, collaborative approaches, re-designing contents considering learner needs, abilities and diversity have always been at the center. I used my teaching experience to link emerging instructional design approaches and design pedagogy, where collaborative work has always been deemed and learning environment is key factor to develop resourceful learning for project-based courses and related theoretical courses. In my teaching practice, I have always been interested in supporting teaching and learning methods using design thinking approaches, creativity and technology considering main attributes of thinkers and lifelong learners.


My background in design thinking and project design methodology and my specialization in product design have enabled me to work at academic and professional level since 2001. My teaching experience in Higher Education has been started in 2001 at the National School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis (ENAU), Tunisia. From 2003 to 2018 at the High School of Design Sciences and Technologies (ESSTED), Tunisia, as assistant professor with the position of Head of Department and Director of the Partnerships Hub at ESSTED. In 2018, I have joined Gulf University, as assistant professor at the College of Engineering, Architectural and Interior Design Engineering Department.

I have a trainer certificate in “Life Cycle Design & Life Cycle Assessment”. A Higher Education Academy- UK Fellowship (FEHA-UK). IET-UK Associate Membership, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET-UK.A CIBSE Membership, as SFE affiliate (Society of Façade Engineering). A professional experience as designer and design consultant in Global Design Strategies. Chair of quality assurance committee, Chair of teaching, learning and assessment committee at the college of engineering and currently the Director of Sustainability and Development Makers Center at Gulf University.

Participations to many international conferences, workshops and seminars about design research, pedagogical approaches, teaching methods, class management, quality assurance frameworks in higher education and community engagement development. With a commitment in educational life that deliberates the interdependency between scientific responsibility and social responsivity, considering continuous professional development.

Research Interest

My research interests focus on design thinking, design project methodology, design process modelling, design pedagogy and PBL, educational processes, interior design engineering, industrial design processes and sustainability engineering.

Selected Publication

    • BLIBECH, O., ABBES, N., (2022), “Reinventing the use of objects: user-experience as a basis” (Translated text from original French version / September 2022) . 01Design 12. International Conference. “Non-intentional Design”, Tunisia, October 13-15th 2022.
    • BLIBECH, O., AL-AYASH, A., (2022), Environmental thinking in Higher Education: Towards a systemic Integration. IDE International Conference/ Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Architectural and Interior Design Environments” (ETSAIDE.22), Gulf University, 6-7th June 2022. IEEE Proceedings Indexed-2022.
    • BLIBECH, O., (2021), Life cycle assessment applied to interior design engineering process: a reflective observation. Zero Energy Mass Custom Home (ZEMCH21) International Conference, 202, UAE. Scopus Indexed ZEMCHProceedings.
    • EL MARSAFAWY, H., BLIBECH, O., ELZEFZAFY H., Al-AYASH, A., REDA, I., (2020), “Project-based Learning by Experimental-based Learning: Efficient Hands-on Practice in Interior Design Engineering Education”, ICERI2020, 13th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation,
    • BLIBECH. O., ABBES.N., FEKI.A, SEMLALI. A., (2019), ”The digital design environment: Essays on a new economy of the project document ”. CIDE.21., 21st International Symposium on Digital Document, Djerba, April, 4-6th  , 2019. Published Article. Europia Publishing. ISBN13 : 979-10-90094-42-0 |
    • BLIBECH,O., (2018), ”Functionality, Fictionality and Experiential: Essays on new materialities”, “Design & Experience” Seminar, ESSTED Press, Tunis, May, 2018.
    • BLIBECH, O. (2017), ”HyperHeritage and digital : essays on futures issues”, 4th Hyperheritage International Seminar(International Conference), Smart Heritage, May, 2-5th ,2017. Arab American University – Jenin, Palestine.
    • BLIBECH, O. (2016), ”Design process : path and project”. Article to recall the contribution of ‘’01 DESIGN.10: Times of Design‘’. Granada-Spain, November,18-19 2016.Published Article. Europia Publishing. ISBN13 : 979-10-90094-28-4 |
    • BLIBECH, O, (2016), ”Design and public political transformation”. The Book and Press Fair Geneva – Switzerland, April,30th , 2016.

Other Interest & Activities

Design Process Modelization, Design Thinking Methods, Design Pedagogy, Collaborative Design, Prototyping Technologies and Manufacturing Processes, Design Management, Life Cycle Design, LCA, Sustainable Development and Environmental Studies.