Current Position: Assistant Professor
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Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Accounting & Financial Sciences


    • EdD (Educational Leadership & Management), Capella University, Minnesota, USA, 2016.
    • PGDip in Educational Research (Professional), Stirling University, Scotland, UK, 2005.
    • MEd (Professional Accountancy Education), University of Dundee, Scotland, UK, 1998.
    • ICAEW (Chartered Accountancy), ICAEW, London, England, UK, 1990.
    • BSc (Hons), Computer Studies, Loughborough University, England, UK, 1984.

Professional Membership

    • FCA: Fellow, ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales), UK.
    • SFHEA: Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy (Advance HE), UK.

Teaching & Learning Statement

Dr Namasiku strongly believes that he should never stop learning; he should actively seek to learn always.  He believes in doing the best he can in any situation.  He believes that he should cooperate with others for maximum success for all.  He believes in leading by objectives and holding people accountable when the agreed objectives are not achieved.  He believes that there is nothing more rewarding than adding value to the lives of others, be they his university students, fellow academics, or indeed anyone out there; conversely that value will be added to his life if he submits to mentors.  he believes in the Golden Rule – in any situation, “you should treat others as you would like to be treated” (Maxwell, 2005), and he has adopted this rule as the integrity guideline for his life; he has literally taken the advice of George Eliot, one of the leading female English novelists of the 19th Century – “keep true, never be ashamed of doing right, decide on what you think is right and stick to it.”  He believes that applying these core beliefs to his higher education teaching activities will help him achieve my teaching objectives in a higher education institution. (Maxwell J.C. (2005). Ethics 101: what every leader needs to know. New York, Center Street.)


Dr Namasiku is Assistant Professor of Accounting and finance. He is the Head of the Accounting & Financial Science Department and Leader of the Accounting & Finance Programme at Gulf University, where he is also a member of the University Program Review & Development Committee. Prior to joining Gulf University in September 2020, Dr Namasiku was Head of the Business School at Bahrain Polytechnic where he was from April 2014 to August 2020. Before joining Bahrain Polytechnic, Dr Namasiku was the Head of the Centre for Accounting & IT at BIBF, where he was from March 2007 to March 2014.  Before coming to Bahrain, Dr Namasiku was a lecturer in Accounting & Finance at the University of Abertay in Dundee.  He joined Abertay in November 1993 after qualifying as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant with KPMG’s London Office (1986 to 1993).  Before starting his accountancy training with KPMG, Dr Namasiku was a systems analyst/ programmer with ZCCM, the national mining company, in Zambia.  Dr Namasiku has extensive experience in higher education teaching, leadership & management, and practical professional accountancy engagements, principally in auditing, financial accounting /reporting and taxation, and computer programming and systems design and analysis.

Research Interest

Dr Namasiku’s research interests are in the broad areas of Action Research, Educational Experience of Professional Accountancy Trainees, Comparative Professional Ethics, Accounting Education, and Curriculum Design.  With an action research-based doctorate, Dr Namasiku is particularly interested in ‘making things happen’. The creation of qualifications from short courses is one area that Dr Namasiku is currently interested in; another is the development and application of ethics in all situations, including auditing, accounting, taxation and any other professional activities in accounting and finance. Dr Namasiku is willing and able to collaborate with any researchers who share the same or similar interests in accounting, education and action research.

Selected Publication

No recent publications, although there is research currently in progress. Currently working on the following research projects:

    • Covid-19 Pandemic impact on businesses in Bahrain: the evidence in 2020 published financial statements.
    • Ethical attitudes of final year accounting and finance students.
    • Improving the process of creating qualifications from short courses: the experience of a well-known Bahrain training institution.

There are historical professional accountancy education publications thus:

    • Liandu N D (2007), Audit working papers, ACCA Student Accountant.
    • Liandu N D (2004b), Earnings Management – Why Worry About It? ACCA Student Accountant.
    • Liandu N D (2004a), Audit Risk in a Brave New World, ACCA Student Accountant.
    • Liandu N D (2002b), The Independence of Accountants, ACCA Student Accountant.
    • Liandu N D (2002a), Corporate Governance in the 21st Century, ACCA Student Accountant.