Policy Statement
  • The admission criteria should be in full compliance with the Higher Education Council’s regulations. Gulf University ensures systematic review of the criteria.
  • In the interests of providing quality higher education, Gulf University only admits students who have met the stated admission requirements and have followed the approved admission procedures.
  • Admission requirements and application deadlines are updated every year and published on University’s website.
  • Gulf University ensures transparency and publicly available procedures for selecting applicants (including those with special needs), it deems best for the academic program, through selection testing and interviews which vary depending on different programs.
  • Gulf University offers a place to any applicant based on completed formal admission. The University withdraws its offer if the applicant fails to meet admission requirements stated by time period.
  • Gulf University ensures opportunity for applicants to appeal their admission decisions.
  • Gulf University provides applicants with opportunity to apply for ‘Deferred Registration’.
  • Gulf University ensures formal process for admission of applicants, who wish to transfer their programs from other Higher Education Institutions.
Admission Criteria
  • The applicant must have a high-school certificate or an equivalent according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The applicant’s high-school certificate or the certificate of an institute after the high-school must be accepted by the program s/he wishes to be enrolled in (arts- science- industrial- commercial) and the GPA must not be less than 60%. Otherwise, the applicant will be enrolled in a preparatory program that includes a number of prerequisite courses assigned by the relevant college.
  • Applicants must sit for placement tests based on the programs they apply for.