CV1: Integrity and ethics

We are committed to promote academic integrity and ethical behavior in teaching and learning, research, and community engagement.

CV2: Collegiality

We focus on promoting a culture that fosters cooperation and teamwork among colleagues and open and honest communication in order to achieve departmental, College and university goals.

CV3: Leadership

We aim to instill leadership skills in the core culture of the university and lead all stakeholders including students and community by example.

CV4: Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to diversity in recruiting and nurturing staff and students in terms of nationality, background, experience, gender. Our commitment to diversity ensures our interactions to be respectful, empathetic, and collegial. We thus share experiences and exchange ideas in diverse areas to contribute towards best practices in academic and administrative functions of the university.

CV5: Collaboration

We build teams that stand on a strong platform of ethical and moral values. We are driven to collaborate and participate in teamwork while supporting the individuals’ identity, skills and competencies in a dynamic environment.

CV6: Creativity

We foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills to serve the university and the community in a better way. We encourage initiative and problem-solving aptitudes of our staff and students, reflected in teaching, learning, research and services to society.

CV7: Sustainability

We promote the goal of sustainable development as our responsibility towards society and the environment. We strive to educate our stakeholders with respect to the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability and the best practices around the world, and to embed those in our sustainability initiatives.