How to Check for Plagiarism with Turnitin

Start the web browser and open Turnitin

Enter below Email address and password, then click Login:
Email address:
Password: * contact Helpdesk at 1762 0092 ext. 111

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    • Click on Class.
    • Click on View.
    • Click on Submit File button under Assignment.
    • Submit your document:
      • Select Multiple File Upload from the Submit: drop down menu.
      • Click on Choose File button and locate the file from computer.
      • When all the desired files are attached, click Upload all to upload the files.
      • Click Submit to submit all uploaded files to Turnitin.
      • Your assignment inbox will open automatically within few seconds. Turnitin will begin processing the document and will generate an Originality Report.
    • Please wait a few moments and click your browser’s refresh button. To open the Originality Report for the paper you just submitted, click the % icon under Similarity.
    • The Originality Report will open in a new window called Feedback Studio. All the top sources found to match the paper submission are in the sidebar to the right of the document contents.
    • Click on All Sources icon to view the sources that have match with the document’s text.