Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall have the duties and the authority to carry them out as outlined in these bylaws to serve the University to realize its goals and to keep its integrity. These include the following:

    • Review and approve the mission and goals of the University.
    • Nominate the President for appointment by the Higher Education Council, upon the recommendation of the Directors.
    • Give support to the President of the University and assess the President’s annual performance.
    • Review the Annual Report of the University activities presented by the President.
    • Review and approve proposals of initiating new colleges and academic departments.
    • Review and approve proposals of initiating of new programs, of merging or cancelling existing programs and of major changes in the academic programs.
    • Approve honorary degrees.
      Approve the annual budget submitted by the President and pre-approved by the Board of Directors, and any changes in the fees structure.
    • Monitor the financial status of the University and solicit financial support for the University.
    • Accept gifts and donations on behalf of the University.
    • Approve long range/strategic plans of the University.
    • Approve the cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding of the university with other universities and academic institutions.
    • Review and approve proposals of University guidelines, regulations, bylaws and policies and amendments to such.