Gulf University supports all students and works to provide an appropriate educational environment to achieve its mission in the development of an environment for continuous improvement. Following is a summary of the services Gulf University provides for students, which we hope they take advantage of them as we wish the best for all our students.

Gulf University established a Career Guidance Unit to guide students as well as alumni into their future careers according to their skills. It also educates them about how to qualify for the job market and the ever-changing requirements of practical life, with confidence and competence to get the suitable job. Students can communicate directly with the Unit which is located at the Building of Student Affairs or via e-mail to:

The students advising and guidance center aims to help students achieve their personal growth and develop their skills and abilities to take appropriate decisions to resolve problems and overcome the obstacles they might face during their academic life at the university. This is done by providing the developmental services and training programs which contribute to achieve the university’s goals and mission to create an appropriate environment for students psychologically, socially, educationally and academically. The center, in coordination with academic advisers, helps diagnose and resolve the weak students’ problems that risk their success. In addition, there are special instructions to help these students. These instructions available in the student guide. The students can communicate with the center either directly at the deanship of student affairs or via e-mail

Gulf University believes that it is essential that students obtain their rights and feeling of justice, fairness, and equality during their period of study. Therefore, a committee was formed to consider the student grievances, address them and find appropriate solutions to ensure that the students get their rights. This is also a platform to provide students with the opportunity to have their voices heard, comment on their personal problems and offer feedback and suggestions that would serve other students and develop the university.

There are two types of grievances: the first are related to public services, management and misunderstandings with faculty members and administrative staff. The second type of grievance is related to grades and exam results. The Grievance Committee considers the first type of grievances, while the Exam Committee is responsible for the second type of grievances.

The university takes the responsibility for improving the students’ educational level and enables them to overcome problems which resulted in their low GPA. Therefore, Gulf University established a specialized committee that developed certain procedures to support academically weak students who are at risk of failure. Activation of these procedures depends primarily on the cooperation among the student, the academic advisor and the Centre. All the details needed are included in the Student Guide.

The Department of Information Technology provides services for the computers in the labs and the library and works on maintaining them in good condition and continuous excellent performance. Students can use computers to browse the university website in order to follow up on the latest news, publications, study schedules and grades. The students can access the electronic library and e-learning system. In addition, they may also access the network using a free Wi-Fi connection on their personal computers. The department provides photo-copying services through a number of photo-copiers distributed across the university. Hopefully, the university will shortly start providing the service of electronic registration.

IT Services Department is honored to announce eServices to GU students and staff. All eServices can be accessed through this website home page, to ensure best access to them, we have explained the steps that need to be followed for each service, and the targeted groups. Our aim is to provide a quality services for students, faculty members, and visitors at any time.

  1. eLearning Service 
  2. Digital Library
  3. Turn-it-in
  4. Staff Email
  5. Online Application
  6. Student Timetable
  7. Student Study Plan
  8. Student Exam Result 
  9. Alumni Details Update
  10. Course Schedule & Downloads

For more information and details, Click Here to view the eServices Manual.

Gulf University pays special attention to the university library. The library is located in two main locations; the first library is in the Main Building (third floor), housing the engineering and science holdings while the second one is at the ‘L’ Building, housing the law, business and education holdings.  The university seeks to increase the number and quality of books, references and periodicals available. The actual number of available books in the library is 16,611 books in addition to 6,455 electronic books, 88 paper journals and 460 theses. Students can use the available services of the library by browsing the books in the library or borrowing them.

Moreover, the electronic library provides a search engine where students can take advantage of about 5000 books, 580 scientific journals. This can be accessed either from inside or outside the university after the completion of free subscription procedures to get the password from the library reception. The library offers a reservation service for books that are taught during the academic semester as they are placed on the reserved shelf at the beginning of each semester.

The University provides the course textbooks at the university bookstore where students can buy can buy them.

The library is open to all students and researchers, seven days a week including Friday from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. Accessing the library is free of charge; students are only required to show their personal identification "university ID card." For more information or inquiries, email us at:

For the purpose of improving the standards of the educational services offered by the university, this Unit was established in order to provide electronic communication between students and faculty members through the Internet. The Unit utilizes the Moodle e-learning system to offer e-materials that supplement the regular in-class courses.  The students can visit the E-learning Unit to learn more details, or by asking their academic advisers, or communicate via e-mail:

The University provides ‘Turnitin’ service to detect plagiarism. All details about this service are available at the IT Department and regulations regarding plagiarism are found in the Student Guide.

Gulf University ensures that students with special needs make use of all services, programs and facilities. All university utilities facilitate the movement of disabled students where there are special ramps to access all the University buildings, in addition to special toilets in all buildings as well as special parking spots. The University provides service to write the exams for vision impaired students

Gulf University focused on offering health care services to students and university staff through the establishment of a medical infirmary in the university to provide primary health care services free of charge for all university members: students, staff and faculty. There is a specialized nursing staff of two nurses who work for 13 hours every day (from eight in the morning until nine in the evening).

Gulf University pays attention to sport activities and the importance of how practicing their favorite sports may energize students to perform better at their academic studies. The University has a football team who participate at annual championships and tournaments. In coordination with the Student council, the office of Student affairs facilitates the participation of students at different sport activities.

The University offers a number of cafeterias and places for breaks that can be used by students to eat or rest. These places are distributed in various university buildings. The university also provides a number of vending machines for soft drinks and light snacks for students. Besides, it provides a number of water dispensers for healthy refreshing cold and hot water. There are also rooms suitable for praying in all the university buildings.