Gulf University established its Quality Assurance Center in 2008 with a dedicated mission to ensure and enhance the quality of academic and administrative performance across university colleges, committees and administrative units. The center has been restructured in the academic year 2016-17 and entitled “Quality Assurance and Development Center” with aims to reinforce the quality culture and practice in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to improve the educational environment through effective utilization of human and physical resources. QADC is responsible to lead the development initiatives and provide appropriate plans, policies, procedures and guidelines to achieve the alignment with the standards of the national regulatory authorities while considering the regional, and international standards of accreditation and professional bodies. The center is also responsible for accurate communications with external communities in regards to quality assurance and accreditations issues. 

  • Dr. Hesham El Marsafawy, Acting Director of the QADC
  • Prof. Mouayed Aziz Al Taee, Head of Quality Assurance Unit
  • Dr. Rumpa Roy, Head of Planning and Development Unit
  • Ms. Ghada Al-Rashid, Coordinator of QADC and  Acting Head of Staff Professional Development Unit 

Gulf University is maintaining a 5-year strategic plan that responses to the development vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain, national Higher Education Strategy and research plans. GU Strategic Plan 2016-2017 / 2021-2022 considers and reflects the needs and responses of internal and external stakeholders, environmental scan analysis of best practices. It outlines areas of developments (goals) and relevant objectives with KPIs and milestones. GU considers its Strategic Plan as a dynamic framework that forms core guidance for quality assurance, and shall be adapted to prevent any possible failure in achieving the targeted objectives.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  1. Responsive Education with Outstanding Outcomes
  • Offer promising academic programs:  national priorities and market needs.
  • Guarantee highly qualified academic staff:  attract, develop and retain.
  • Enhance Student recruitment: quality and diversity. 
  • Develop Teaching and Learning:  effectiveness and innovation. 
  • Expand educational technologies & resources:  accessibility & utilization.
  • Seek accreditation:  national and international.
  • Enhance the library resources:  up-to-date and variety.
  1. Research with Sound Impact
  • Link Research Strategy to national and regional priorities:  regulators and industry.
  • Promote interactive research:  interdisciplinary and teamwork.
  • Activate partnership in research:  informed and Give Back for Development. 
  • Recognize excellence in research:  productivity and quality.  
  • Reflect Research on education:  knowledge and Practice.
  • Involve Students in research:  learning and Career.


  1. National and international Collaborations 
  • Expand GU engagement with communities: public and private sectors.
  • Foster active partnership with international universities: joint degrees, students and staff.
  • Promote community services:  university resources and expertise.
  • Establish relations with professional and awarding bodies:  national and international.


  1. Competitive Quality with Continuous Development
  • Ensure implementation of quality standards across GU:  academic and administrative units.
  • Initiate effective tracking system that support decision making:  at all levels.
  • Expand professional audit services:  periodic and ad-hoc.
  • Enhance business continuity:  operational and sustainability.  
  • Promote continuous development:  system and stakeholders.
  • Promote communication with internal and external stakeholders:  inform and feedback. 
  • Promote governance:  national standards and international best practices.


  1. Enriched People with Pioneer Spirit
  • Ensure student affairs: support and activities.
  • Foster student success and excellence:  in and outside the University.
  • Promote counseling and provide personal attention and support students at risk.
  • Promote recognition  of staff achievements:  innovation and initiatives.
  • Utilize and support staff potential and interest.
  • Promote  extra-curricular activities towards entrepreneurship, society and environment.    
  1. Stimulating Campus with Enabling Resources
  • Enhance infrastructure:  sector standards and growth.
  • Improve effectiveness of university services:  support innovations in learning and research.
  • Promote sustainable resources:  green and continuity.
  • Enrich campus life:  students and staff experience. 
  • Ensure infrastructure with a comprehensive risk management:  plan and Implementation.
  • Explore new venues of facilities utilizations:  services and revenue generation.
  1. Alumni Outreach
  • Expand services provided to alumni:  training and facilities.
  • Engage alumni with the university community: academic and social.  

Strength alumni connections:  mutual and with employers. 


GU Strategic Plan 2017-2018 to 2022-2023 (PDF File for Download)