World Teacher's Day

Gulf University holds an honoring ceremony for its professors

October 2017:
Gulf University- Sanad:


Gulf University held a ceremony honoring its professors in celebration of the World Teachers' Day, which falls on the 5th of October each year. The ceremony was attended by the President of Gulf University Dr. Muhannad Al Mashhadani, the Vice President Dr. Hesham Al-Marsafawi as well as all the academic and administrative staff.

The ceremony, which was organized by the Information and Public Relations Office at Gulf University, started with a speech by the university president, Dr. Muhannad Al Mashhadani. He congratulated the professors on the occasion of Teacher's Day and stressed the great and effective role played by them, and their contribution to developing and improving the performance of academic outputs at Gulf University.
Al Mashhadani added: ‘Professors represent the foundation of Gulf University and they live up to the future of our students.’ He also praised the commitment of professors in achieving the vision and mission of  Gulf University.
The student, Kawthar Hussain from the Department of Media, congratulated the faculty members. After that the ceremony of honoring all the professors of Gulf University started. Dr. Wadah Yahya was honored for his efforts at the University. Also, Dr. Abdulkarim Al Samurai was honored as the best part-time professor.
The Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Dr. Nahed Mohammed Matarid, expressed her happiness with this honor. She said: ‘It is a great gesture from the Office of Information and Public Relations and the University Administration to hold this celebration which makes us feel proud of our teaching journey.’
The head of Accounting Department, Dr. Ehab Nazmi, praised the initiative and said: ‘We are pleased by this honor, which gives pride to faculty members and we promise the university and its administration to make more efforts in the teaching profession.’