World Breast Cancer Awareness Day

October 2017:

Gulf University - Sanad:

Gulf University held an awareness lecture for its students, by Dr. Fatima Al Nashabah, on breast cancer in coincidence with the World Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Dr.  Al Nashabah talked about the causes of the disease, its symptoms and types. She also showed the attendees simple ways to examine themselves, and indicated ways to prevent it. At the end she said: ‘I thank Gulf University for giving me the opportunity to present this lecture, which is one of the most important lectures for women. I also praise all the students who attended it, since this indicates their interest in their health.

Ms. Fadila Abdullah, student, said: ‘We thank Gulf University for this valuable lecture. We also thank Dr. Fatima Al Nashabah for all the information she provided in a simple and distinctive manner.’

Dr. Shafiq Al Samarrai, Director of Students Services Unit at Gulf University, said: ‘We, at the Student Affairs Unit, are always seeking to diversify the activities that we schedule. We never overlook the health aspects and we consider the health of our students to be part of our responsibility.’